Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Final Ethopian Emperor

Today it was quite stormy, alternating many times between sun, thick cloud, heavy rain, and hail. There was even thunder and lightning a couple of times.

The last couple of days I've been trying to fix a responsive design menu on one the sites I manage. While you'd think it should be fairly simple, the process of making the menu work well for modern browsers while still retaining a usable menu on older browsers (though not responsive) is pretty tricky. The slowness and buggy display of the android emulator certainly doesn't make the testing process quick and easy either.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Chinglish eBay listing for a UV filter

Had too much to do lately.

Here's part of an eBay listing for 18 layers of coating pecial effect filter,W TIANYA XS-Pro 1D 40.5mm MC UV filter:

UV mirror role:

UV mirror is the most common filter, not so much that it can improve the photo effect, as it is the best digital camera lens protector in the travel process,

The wind and rain is difficult to avoid the the seemingly insignificant dust may become the delicate lens fatal killer! UV mirror role in this, not only the anti-

Ended rain or other water drops invade the lens, more importantly, can be an effective way on the lens coating is dust scratches; ultraviolet light causes color photographs

The film is blue tones, the effect of atmospheric Pan raised the black-and-white photo. UV lens filter UV, essential supplies for the landscape photographer, so go out brigade

Line, a good UV mirror is essential! (Note: UV mirror previously used to absorb UV light, but on a digital camera, this role has been cut

Weak, and now most of the human digital camera with UV lens for lens protection consider. )

For digital cameras, UV is mainly used to prevent the fingers touch the lens, dust from entering the lens. As to filter out ultraviolet function, it touches followed.

In addition, like the filters before use CPL, try to remove the UV, can reduce the occurrence of the image circle of opportunity to improve the image quality. Being on the time of the light source

, Especially in night scenes, remove the UV. Otherwise glare will be more powerful. The UV mirror can filter out ultraviolet there were no adverse image of the black-and-white and color negatives

; Can often stay in the lens as a protective mirror.

UV lens for shooting on the beach, mountains, snowfields and open area environment, can weaken due to UV-induced blue tones. At the same time for digital phase

Machine, you can also exclude ultraviolet CCD interference effect help to improve the clarity and color reproduction.

Special Note: Please buy, the corresponding lens aperture lens diameter has generally write wrong buying what caliber size shop package returned

For example: your camera lens on a 49 mm filter size the logo then buy 49 caliber, 67 to buy 67 caliber