Wednesday, 27 June 2007


This week so far I have only been staying at work until 7pm as it has been quite cloudy and I thought it might be too dark to go home at 8pm. On Monday after work I watched Saw, which had a skill twist at the end. On Tuesday I watched Prince of Egypt, which was nae very good, althought the animation and drawing was okay.

Today at work quite a few people were going off to the conference, but before they went we had a leaving cake for me and also I got a leaving present of an ipod shuffle, mains power adaptor for it, adaptor to play it on the car stereo, and an itunes voucher - totally gokos.

At work this week I have been mainly sorting out my stuff and IT stuff and throwing lots of stuff away. Also, we have got Alan in again to do some more Crystal Reports, so I have been telling him what reports we want.

Food today
Breakfast: Last of the Strawberry crisp, banana, cup o' tea
Lunch: Peppered ham with salad sandwich, Cathedral City cheddar cheese with salad sandwich, white seedless grapes, 2 x clementines (or maybe satsumas, I dunno (In a puppy from Blinky bill voice).
Dinner: Burger in bun with cheese, tom ketch & sliced cherry tom, baked beanos, drink of coke. Pudding was flap jack & a Fairbreak chocolate bard.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Working lots

Not had time to do my blog really the last week as I have had to work quite late at work. Monday & tuesday I worked till 7pm, Wednesday & Thursday I worked till 8pm and on Friday I worked till 12am. Just having to write procedures on how to do stuff before I leave. Also on Friday I installed the latest version on EnterpriseMRM on all the client PCs.

Also, my comp has been broke lately, since I have been working late I haven't had time to look at it properly. So today, I started pulling the cables out the back of it so I could have a look at it, and I found that the VGA cable was nae plugged in properly, I plugged it in properly and now my PC works again.

When it starts up is does give an error for one of the hard drives, but I have tested them both with Seatools DOS and it says they are both okay (plus my PC works okay anyway).

I tried to buy robogeo last Sunday, but I put the country I lived in was Tonga, to try and avoid VAT. Unfortunate-cheese this meant the transaction did nae go through, although I had to email regsoft (the company that deals with orders for robogeo) twice to get any answer, and they are meant to email you to tell whether the transaction went through or not anyway.

So I tried again, this time setting UK as the country (so I had to pay about £8 VAT, making it just over £50 in total for Robogeo). The transaction went through this time, but again they did not email me the confirmation. I filled in the web form on the regsoft website twice requesting the confirmation, but never received it, even though I don't have any SPAM or junk mail filters on hotmail. After waiting a couple of days I replied to the email they sent me about the 1st transaction that didn't get through, and I did get a response that way, although they didn't respond with the confirmation details and just said if I give them an email address they'll re-send the confirmation email. Since I don't seem to be able to get their confirmation emails, I give them rad's email address. Hopefully they will actually send the email to him and he will receive it okay, and then I can start tagging all my images.

I also read in a PopPhoto article about Vista that Vista comes with a function that lets you add IPTC and EXIF data to images, which programs like Adobe Bridge can also read. So once I get the code to unlock robogeo I think I might go through my images geotagging and also adding other tags at the same time.

Today I fixed my comp and started running the disk checking prog. Spent most of the morning in the garden cleaning up weeds and stuff in the green house. I cleaned out the bird box and there was a family of dead bluetit chicks in there. They weren't very big, I wonder why they all died?

I also saw a toad or a frog in the garden and there was a wierd spider with really long thin legs on the bird box.

After that I started to watch casino royale, then we ate lunch, then finished watching casino royale, then I went on my comp and started typing this.

Monday, 18 June 2007


Over the spleenkend I tried to install Robogeo, and some other gps software that I couldnae get to work. Eventually I reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled Vista again. I found out that robogeo works with user account control (UAC) turned on, but not with UAC turned off.

Which is kind of annoying having to turn UAC on (and also since it means I formatted my HD again when I could've just turned UAC on again to make robogeo work. Now I am just waiting for my key to unlock Robogeo. Unfortunately the company that Robogeo use to deal with online orders of Robogeo seem to be pretty rubbish, I ordered it yesterday, and my order status is still unprocessed, despite me sending them 2 emails chasing why the order hasn't been processed yet.

I had to work until 7pm again today. Also in the morning, 2 new people started and it was skill because I just had to leave them talking to each other since no-one else was in and I needed to do the washing up so I could have a cup o' tea.

Breakfast: Strawberry Jam toast, cup o' tea
Lunch: Cheddar cheese with sweet and crunchy salad sandwich, ham with sweet and crunchy salad sandwich, apple, 2 x satsumas
Dinner: Chicken pie, button mushrooms, green beans, potatoes, gravy. Pudding was a pink 'n' white. Coffee.

Friday, 15 June 2007

Pooper Man spleen turns

Cycled to work, got there about 8.40am. Did the washing up. Drank tea and did work as normal. Left work at 7pm.

Got home about 8pm, tried to get robogeo to work but I could nae so I emailed them about it. Did washing up & cleared the table off.

Ate dinner and watched Superman Returns. Next I will go to bed.

Breakfast: Fruit 'n' fibre, cup o' tea
Lunch: Peppered ham with sweet and crunchy salad sandwich, cheddar cheese with sweet and crunchy salad sandwich, apple, 2 x satsumas.
Dinner: Breaded fish portion, potato, peas, ground black pepper, malt vinegar. Pudding was a bakewell tart & custard. I also had a chocolate chip brownie biscuit thing. Coffee.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Last Springwatch episode

Cycled to work, got there about 8.35am. Did work. Luck slush remote desktop actual cheese worked so I was able to login to my comp, which was skilk. I needed to login to it to do some work on logos since we don't have illustrator at work. I also logged in at lunch time and installed DXO v4.2 demo on Vista.

Left work about 7.10pm. Luckily I overheard my boss saying that she wouldn't be in tomorrow so I booked 2hrs overtime for Tom Morrow as well. It would be skill if I booked it for the real Tom Morrow and he came and did overtime with me.

Got home 7.55pm. Watched Springwatch while cooking my jin the pinner. I chose a massive potato what took a christmas pageant to cook, and by the time the middle was done the outside had gone all hard. Springwatch was quite raddish because it was just highlights from the last 3 weeks. I also ate my dinner and pudding while watching springwatch.

After that I did some washing up and sandwiches for Tom Morrow. I received my new tax disc today so I put that in my car window. I also forgot to say yesterday that I received my national trust membership card, which is all thin and papery.

Now I am writing this and soon I will go to bed.

Breakfast: Fruit 'n' Fibre, cup o' tea.
Lunch: Peppered ham sandwich, grated cheddar cheese with sweet and crunchy salad sandwich, apple, 2 x satsumas.
Dinner: Jacket potato, bacon, baked beans, cheddar cheese. Pudding was jamaica ginger cake with golden syrup & custard.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

More work

Cycled to work, did work. Left at 7.05pm, got home at 6.50pm.

Ate dinner while watching springwatch. Watched Natural World, about the river Wye.

Did washing up, cleared the table (I Tom Hink, I can nae remember laddox) and made my sanwiches. Then I tried to figure out why I have nae been able to login to my PC remotely. It seems like the modem decided to delete the setting telling it to forward the port used for remote access to my pc.

In a sec I will go to bed.

Breakfast: Fruit 'n' Fibre, cup o' tea.
Lunch: 2 x Grated Cheddar cheese with sweet and crunchy salad sandwiches, apple, 2 x satsumas.
Dinner: Roast turkey, roast potato, greavy, cabbage, green beans. Pudding was apricot crumble with spleenvap. Eveneux apart from the spleenvap was from the community lunch & totally delee. Coffee. Time Out. Bit of Yorkie.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007


Cycled to work as normal. Got there about 8.35am. Tried to renew my tax disc online but the website did nae recognise the number printed on the letter they sent me. I renewed it over the phone on my lunch break, they charge £2.50 extra for paying by credit card so I had to pay by debit card.

Suzanne asked me if I could do something on the website today, but then she and Sally were in a meeting until after 5pm so I couldn't request paid overtime or speak to Suzanne to fins out what she wanted me to do. Luck Slush Sally came out of the meeting for a minute at about 4.45pm so I quickly asked her if I could work a couple of hours overtime today and she said yes.

So I worked 2 hours paid overtime and then an extra 15 minutes unpaid overtime after that speaking to Suzanne about something. Left work about 7.20pm, got home about 8.05pm.

Watched Springwatch, then Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain. He thought Maggie Thatcher was dead gokos for some cheeson? Then I made my sandwiches for Tom Morrow, did some washing up and cleared the table. Then I wrote this blog and next I will go to bed.

Breakfast: Coco Pops, cup o' tea.
Lunch: Chicken Tikka Spread sandwich, grated cheddar cheese with sweet and crunchy salad sandwich, apple, 2 x satsumas.
Dinner: Potato, baked beans, 2 x big sausage rolls. Pudding was meant to be stewed Rhubarb & custard, but that's raddish so I had Cherry Maderia and custard and a Time Out instead.

Monday, 11 June 2007

flat tyre

Cycled to work, but got a flat tyre just as I came into Hangleton. I just cycled on it flat until I got into Michael Buerk about 8.35am. I waited until Henry, Lyra and Luke were all in (Kerrina was off) and then took my bike to Webbs cycles about 9.30am. Luck slush they said they'd be able to fit a new inner tube by the end of the day. I asked them if they look at the brakes as well since they're not very gokos now. They said they might not have enough time.

I was planning to leave work at 4.45pm so I could just pick up my bike and then carry on cycling (that should be a film) home. But at 4.30pm Suzanne asked if I could send out an email today, so I had to get my bike and then come back to work. I thought starting the bulk email would only take about 15 mins but actually it took age cheese so I only managed to leave work at 5.50pm.

When I got home jin the pin was home and also my gps had arrived. I went on my comp de la pomp to see if there was a better DXO offer than just the 20% off they currently have, but it looks like there is nae.

After that I ate dinner and made sandwiches. There was nae any washing up to do. I cleared the table. Then I went on my comp a bit more, then I watched Springwatch. After that I opened my gps and had a play on it. The map data that came with it is raddish, it seems to only have A roads on it or summat, Cuckfield road is nae on it anyway, and it said to get to Burgess Hill you should go up the A23, then to Cuckfield, then to Haywards Heath, then to Burgess Hill!!

In a second I will go to bed because I am sleep cheese.


Got up about 5.30am (I woke up early and could nae get back to sleep and I wanted to try and get better bug pics anyway). Had a shower etc, had to have breakfast by mi sen since Ben was still asleep. I went out in the garden to get some bug photos but the sun had been shining for quite a while and all the flies were flying around already so I could nae take their photos.

Started formatting my 500GB USB2 hard drive, which took age cheese. Went to church, luck slush mum said she would go to Hurst to and pick up granny, although granny did nae want to go anyway so I did nae have to do it laddox. I did have to do the chairs afterwards but people did nae hang around for a million years like they normal cheese do so that way okay doke as well chicken pell.

After that moohar got granny and we ate jin the pinner. My hard drive final cheese jin the pinished formatting so I started copying across files from my comp de la pomp to back them up.

In the cheesening I did aboot 3 panos laddox.


Got up 7.00am. Had a shower etc. Got Ben up and had breakfast with him. Went into the garden and took some photos of bugs for about an hour. Luck slush it was quite overcast and not very hot so they weren't very active, although I did nae manage to get many fly pics.

Did that for about an hour, then I spent the rest of the morning editing the pics on my comp. Ate lunch.

In the afternoon me & Ben went for a walk, to take photos of buttercup fields. I was thinking of one near Jack & Jill pub in Hassocks/Clayton but actual cheese we went a different way and found some there. I took my heavy tripod but forgot my nodal ninja and so did nae use it, doh!

I got some pictures of buttercup bill & his best friend Korky but I do nae think they're that gokos. It was a bit hazy and the sky was nae very blue. We also saw some sheared sheep that were brilliant white and looked a bit like goats.

When we got back mother was also back (she'd been out all day). I think we pobasquish just ate dinner then watched TV.

Friday, 8 June 2007

Remote desktop

So I tried to set up remote desktop but when I was setting my password so random people can't just login to my PC and take it over I must've mistyped it. This meant I couldn't login into Vista anymore because I did nae know what my mistyped password was. I did nae create a password setup disk either so I could nae get in that way. I did find a prog that is meant to let you access Vista if you forget your password but it kept saying that it couldn't find a boot record on any of the partitions.

So I had to reinstall Vista yet again, and then reinstall all the drivers and programs. Luckily, when setting the password this time I typed it in correctly and so I am now writing this logged into my home computer from work. It's 8.46am at the moment, I had to drive into work because it is raining today so I got here about 8.10am.


Had to get the train into work, left home about 8.40am, got to the station and bought my ticket a couple of minutes before the train arrived. For some cheeson the train stopped before it got to the platform and just stayed there for a couple of minutes before coming alongside the platform. When it got in to Brighton the train to Portslade was easy to find and it was already waiting so I just got on and had to wait for about 10 jin the pinutes before it left. Got to Portslade about 8.45am and I got into work about 8.55am, Catherine was waiting outside for someone to let her in.

Did work, I could nae do any (paid) overtime because my boss left at 4pm so I couldnae get it approved so I left just after 5pm. I didnae really want to do any overtime anyway since my comp needed all drivers and progs installing.

On the way home I saw a woodpecker on a tree in the park up Hangleton Drive or whatever it's called.

Got home about 6pm. Watched Storymakers with Ben, Blue Cow met a hedgehog who could nae go on a bouncy castle, but then he got covered in candy floss so he wasn't spiky any more which meant he could go on the bouncy castle. It was Milton Wordsworth and he had holly in his hair and kept calling Jelly & Jackson 'dear hearts'. Wierd but skilk.

After that I did some washing up while mother cooked my Jin the Pinner. Then I ate my Dan's Diner while installing stuff on my comp. Then I finished off the washing up and cleared the table and made my sandwiches for Tom Morrow. Did some more installing on my comp then watched The Museum & Springwatch on BBC2.

After that did some more installing, I also made a password reset disk just in case and then I went to bed.

Breakfast: Coco Pops, Toasted Toasting Croissant, cup o' tea.
Lunch: Chicken Tikka sandwich spread sandwich, Breaded ham with crunchy salad andwich, apple, 2 x satsumas.
Dinner: Eggy bread with Bovril spread on it, Bacon, potato, peas, spaghetti in tomato sauce, baked beans. Pudding was a nectarine and a banana. Coffee.


Cycled to work, got in about 8.30am. I was in the loo getting changed when the postman rang the door buzzer so I had to quickly get changed and then get the door. Then I did the washing up. By the time I'd finished that it was about 9am. The office was very quiet because most people were either out going to the AGM or late.

After everyone who was meant to come in had came in, I went out to get a refilled printer cartridge from cartridge world at 10am. About 10.30am Sally called me and said actually can I come to the AGM. Luckily I keep a spare tie in my drawer (the one I had to buy for the photo-shoot), but I did nae have a suit and my shirt was a bit wierd since Sally had said last night she didn't want me to go the AGM.

So I got the train at about 11.16am from Portslade to Victoria and changed at East Croydon for Kings X Thameslink. Luckily the train to Kings X was the other side of the platform where I got off at East Croydon, so it was easy to find and I did nae have to walk anywhere. When I was going out of Kings X I met Micahel and Maryon Cohen and an accountant bloke, so I guess they must have got the same train.

We all walked up to the hotel and found it quite easily. Also Sally caught up with us while we were walking there. When we got there I setup the laptop outside the meeting room. A few members came to try and sign in, but Sally hadn't given me the voting cards so I could nae do it cap'n. A bit later Sally came back with a cup o' tea for me so I asked her to get the voting cards.

More people started turning up, but probably only about 20 members came (the room was set out for 180). We did nae have any badges so Sally and Deborah just wrote out names and positions on address labels and staff / volunteers stuck them on their shirts.

I waited outside for about 30 mins after the meeting had started in case anyone turned up late, and one of the people who had got there before I was ready to sign him in came in late! After that I went into the meeting and people just asked the directors lots of questions. Also, it was revealed that one of the ex-directors is in litigation with the company because they said they never resigned!

After the AGM finished I was hot and thirsty so I had a drink of sparkling water (they had loads of it there) and then Sally said I could go home so I did. I took a photo of something boring to prove I was in London that day.

I went to Kings X Thameslink and luck slush the next train to Brighton stopped at Hassocks, so I waited for about 10 mins and got that train at 5.10pm. (Sally had said I had to get the train home and not back to work and that I would have to come in by train the next morning and then cycle home). The train arrived in Hassocks at 6.40pm. I walked home and got about 7.15pm. I made sandwiches and did washing up, then ate my dinner, watched Springwatch and something else (I think Andrew Marr's history of Modern Britain). Then I went to bed.


Breakfast: Coco Pops, cup o' tea.
Lunch: Chicken Tikka sandwich spread sandwich, Breaded ham with crunchy salad sandwich, apple. (I also had 2 x satsumas but did nae eat them because I had to eat my lunch on the train and they would have been too messy).
Dinner: I can nae remember laddox


Cycled to work, got in about 8.35am. Did work. Worked overtime till 7pm. I asked my boss who was covering the phones tomorrow while everyone's at the AGM and she said that me, and all the other non-managerial staff / temps were. It was luck slush that I asked since otherwise I would've gone up to the EGM Tom Morrow. I had to work an extra 30 mins of unpaid overtime helping my boss get the laptop etc ready for signing people in at the AGM. Went home at 7.30pm. Watched Springwatch and pobasquish did some other stuff but I cannae remember.

Monday, 4 June 2007

Forgot to do blog yesterday


Got up, ate breakfast etc. It was quite grey and cloudy, but by the time it came to leave for work it was nice and sunny. Cycled to work. Got to work about 8.35am. Mainly answered the phone, got quite a bit done though. It clouded over again, but then got sunny again. Left work just after 5pm, it was sunny when I left, but cloudy by the time I got home.

When I got home I thought no-one was in, I shouted to see if anyone was in but no-one answered. I made my sandwiches for Tom Morrow. Mum came home and it turned out that Ben & Shaz were actual-cheese at home as well but they were being ignoramuses.

After that I went on my comp de la pomp. I changed my Stuff drive to be H: (HD2) so it was the same filepath as my old PC. Then I tried winamp and it worked! But then after playing a few songs winamp broke. So now I am listening to the Digimon film OST.

Later I wil eat dinner (when mum's cooked it) and watch springwatch and maybe Paul Merton in China. If I can be bov-cheese I will do some pano editing but pobasquish I will nae be bovvered.

Breakfast: CoCo Pops, cup o' tea.
Lunch: 2 x Grated cheddar cheese sandwiches, apple, 2 x satsumas.
Dinner: Scotch egg, posh (Tescos normal) baked beans, new potatoes. Pudding was Toffee Cheesecake. Coffee.


Woke up at 6am. I thought I'd try go to sleep again until my alarm would go off at 6.30pm but actual cheese my alarm did nae wake me up and I woke up about 8am or 8.30am. I was going to have a shower but then Dad wanted to brush his teeth so I let him. Then Shaz said she needed to have a shower because she had to go out soon, so I let her use the bathroom. Then final cheese when Shaz was done I had my shower.

After that I ate breakfast with Ben, watching the birds in the garden. After that we watched kids TV. We watched a bit of a program called 'Prove it!'. I thought it was alright, but Ben said it was total squish T-rash.

Partway through I had to go and pick up granny to take her to Church. Granny said that a girl sitting next to Ben was his pretty girlfriend. After Church I did nae have to do the chairs because there was an evening service. So I took granny back to our house.

After that, when Ben came home I helped him make 'Super Demo World - The Legend continues' work and play on it, which was impossi squish. We ate Dan's Diner.

Then did washing up. Went outside and it was nice and sunny. I tried to find some bugs to take photos of, there was a skill brown stinkbug with a goldie bit on its back. I listened to it and it was being a gangster on Eastenders while playing some d'n'b! I took a photo of it but the bottom was all dark beacuse the camera's on board flash did nae get there. I went inside to get my SB800 but when I came back the bugs had bug-gered off.

I spent the rest of the day going on the pinternet and editing panos. At 8pm (I Tom Hink) I watched Coast.

Breakfast: CoCo Pops, Geobar, cup o' tea.
Dinner: Cold Pizza (eveneux else had disgust-cheese frankfurters in rolls), minestrone soup. For pudding I had battenburg with custard in a cup (eveneux else had mars bar).
Tea: Grated cheddar cheese sandwich, prawn cocktail crisps, half a cheese (straw) twist, fruit scone with strawberry jam and 'I cannae believe it's fake I can't believe it's not butter jim lad'. CUP O' TEA.

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Nice weather !?!?!

Ate breakfast & watched Come Outside, which was about carrotts. Auntie Mabel had some skill goats in a barn near her house.

Spent most of the morning trying to get XAMPP installed properly on my PC, I had to connect up the HD from on my old comp again so I could copy across the htdocs and mysql data folders. Ben, Clare and Brian all went to holiday club at Hurst Methodist Church.

Ate lunch outside about 1pm with Ben, Clare and Brian. It was bakery bread but silly moohar had heated it up in the oven so the crust was all cripsy and dry and the bread was hot, and I do nae like it like that laddox. I made a cheeso sando but the bread had all holes in it so all the stuff fell out and hands got all margeriney.

After eating lunch I went on my comp a bit more. Then me & Ben went on a walk. Got boiled to a cylinder. I took my D200 with 18-70 DX lens & a polarising filter fitted. I need to get a 77mm lens cap that will fit the filter so I can keep the camera in a bag when its setup like that because otherwise I just have to carry it like Tom's hat.

After the walk I went on my comp a bit. Then I went to see what Ben was doing and he was watching a Youtube video of someone playing on an edited Super Mario World that they had made. Luck-cheese in one of the comments they said what they used to edit the levels, so we downloaded it and played on that for a bit.

After that ate dinner, then I did washing up.

Then I just sorted out some photos and started editing / sorting some of the photos I took on our walk today.

Breakfast: Strawberry jam toast sandwich, cup o' tea.
Lunch: Thick slice of bakery bread, grated cheddar cheese with sweet 'n' crunchy lettuce sandwich, grapes, battenberg, cup o' tea.
Dinner: Home made chicken Pizza, chips, salad. For pudding I had ice cream mixed with chocolate drink granules. Coffee.
Supper: Honey & Oats biscuit, cold chocolate milk.

Friday, 1 June 2007

The day started off really grey and cloudy but I decided to cycle to work anyway, and it didnae rain but got nice and sunny later.

On the way to work I saw a reasonably large yellowy bird with a reasonably long beak, which I think must have been a green woodpecker. I also saw a black rabbit at the same time. I tried to stop my bike, but when I put the brakes on it was quite noisy and the bord flew away and the rabbit ran away.

I got to work about 8.30am. I wore Jon's Co-op shirt but no-one said anything until 4.15pm when my Boss asked me if I was wearing a co-op shirt. I had to do some overtime, so I left work at 7pm and got home around 8pm.

When I got home I cleared the table off and did some washing up. Then I ate my dinner while reading an article on MSN about 3D films. After that I did the notices and then I ate my pudding.

After that I started typing this blog and also kept checking the status of an ebay auction for P series filter rings lots - 49, 52, 55, 62, 67, 72, 77 but it went up to £13 so it was too expensive - I only really needed the 67mm one, so I just bought the 67mm with a filter holder as well for £5.49 from Link Delight on ebay instead.

For the rest of this evening I will just go on the pinternet and then I will go to bed.

Breakfast: 2 x Strawberry jam toast sandwiches, cup o' tea.
Lunch: 2 x Cheddar cheese with sweet and crunchy salad sandwiches, 2 x satsumas, apple.
Dinner: Breaded Fish portion, potato, about 10 baked beans. Pudding was rice pudding, which I had with Raspberry Jam. Coffee.