Friday, 29 February 2008

Leap Year

Thought I should do a post today since it only comes around once every 4 years.

This morning I finished reading a book on CSS that I've been reading for the last couple of weeks. It only really covered the basics, but still was quite useful. I was going to start learning PHP, but then the post arrived about 2pm and it was a load of data entry from work so I started that instead.

Also this morning, there was a sparrowhawk in the back garden eating a blackbird it had killed, so that was skill. I took a few photos of it through Yumpt's window, but when I opened the window a bit to get a better shot it flew off with the dead blackbird in it's talons. So that was the highlight of today and pobasquish this year since nothing ever happens.

Breakfast: Marmalade toast sandwich; cup o' tea.
Lunch: Beetroot sandwich; banana; mandarin; Fox's classic; cup o' tea.
Afternoon snack: Hot cross bun with lotsa butta; cough fee.
Dinner: Half a battered fish portion with vinegar and salt; fishcake with Tom Ketch; peas; potatoes. Pudding was home-made rice pud with strawberry jam. Piece of Terry's chocolate orange with honeycomb. Coffee.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Photo editing

This morning started sorting/editing photos from a walk I did with Rad on Saturday. Ate lunch, did more photo editing and had a bit of work to do. About 2pm I had finished sorting the pics so I went out for a few minutes to try and take some photos of the frost/fog. It was frosty/foggy all day, all the frost on the ground near the houses melted and also down the track there wasn't much frost and ice that had been broken hadn't re-frozen. But the ditch at the edge of the left edge of the track (when walking towards Lubenham) was frozen quite thick, must've been at least an inch. Looked like some kids had tried to break it with a fence post but not had much luck.

Took a few photos of the frosty fields and then went back home, so was probably only out for about 10mins.

After that I sorted some photos of a mini cactus with a flower I took a few days ago. I downloaded Helicon Focus and tried that on the images but it didn't work very well. Then I got Ben home from school and went on Civ2 for a bit. Then I did a bit more work, then it was jin the pinner time! Jinny Keep Warm 7" edit also got his new mac pumpt computer too (Daniel) Dae(-Kim).

After dinner I did more photo editing/sorting of the pics I took when me, rad, Ben and Moohar went for a walk on Sunday. Then its now and I'm writing this. Next I'll pobasquish do a couple more photos, maybe go on the pinternet a bit and then go to bed.

Breakfast: Apricot wheats (like shredded wheat bitesize with apricot jam stuff inside); cup o' tea.
Lunch: Cheese on toast; ½ honey roast ham sarnie; banana; slice of walnut layer cake; breakaway; cup o' tea.
Afternoon snack: pink wafer; coffee; round shortcake biscuit.
Dinner: Bits of chicken with flavoured rice, water chestnut, bean sprouts etc from a packet. Might have been chicken chow mein. Pudding was spotted dick that didn't have any sugar in it with custard, so it was a bit plain tasting. Coffee. Ferrero Roche (pobasquish spelt that wrong). Piece of Sainsbury's caramel chocolate.
Supper: Hot chocolate; Pink wafer.

Thursday, 14 February 2008


Ben's on half term holiday this week. This morning he played on civ 3 in yumpt's room while I checked my spleen-mail. That took ages, and then after that I did some learning javascript.

After lunch me and Ben did a little bit of learning flash, then Ben went on rpg maker. After that I played on Civ2 and Ben watched. After dinner we found that civ2 was still broke (sometimes when you attack an enemy unit that's rubbish your unit dies instantly and their unit doesn't sustain any damage). So we installed Civ2 test of time which is slightly different but seems to work okay.

Also mum cut my hair today.

Breakfast: Traffic jam toast sandwich; cup o' tea.
Lunch: Beef with sliced tomato, mustard and watercress sandwich; clementine; slice of all butter madeira cake; caramel rocky; cup o' tea.
Dinner: Pasta; cheese sauce; chicken nuggets. Pudding was hot cross bun with lots of butter. Coffee. Kinder chocolate bar.
Supper: Hot chocolate; brazil nut cookie.

Monday, 4 February 2008


Spent most of the day trying to create a slideshow with a fade transition between images using javascript, but I didnae succeed in making it work properly how I wanted.

I forgot to write yesterday, but my glasses broke on the way to Church so I am trying not wearing glasses for a week to see if my eyesight will improve, since before I started wearing glasses my eyesight was okay, I just couldn't see things far off in the distance. At church on Sunday I had to use a book for the hymns 'cos I couldn't read the projector screen, so wearing glasses has made my eyesight tons worse than it used to be. Hopefully after a week my eyes will have adjusted back to nearly how they used to be, although probably they'll still be just as bad.

If my eyesight's still bad at the end of the week then I'll have to pay for an eyetest and glasses, which will be totally expensive. ANNOYING. Also, I look like a zombie without my glasses because my eyes are all inset and dark like I got punched in the eyes or sumat. SKILL.

After dinner me, yumpt and Ben watched X-men 3 which was quite good.

Breakfast: Lemon marmalade toast sandwich; cup o' tea.
Lunch: Peppered ham with icerberg lettuce sandwich; clementine; slice of victoria layer cake; cup o' tea.
Afternoon snack:
Dinner: Bacon Quiche; potato; peas. Pudding was home-made apple pie with custard and lil' bit of squirty cream. Coffee. HAPPY HIPPO

Sunday, 3 February 2008


On Friday I had a headache all day, but couldn't go to bed because I was waiting for work to email me something, which they never did.

On Saturday I cleaned and tidied my room and started watching a documentary about WWII in France.

Today I went to church and got another headache and finished watching the documentary that I started watching yesterday.

Breakfast: Strawberry jam toast sandwich; cup o' tea.
After church snack: Lithuanian chocolate sweet; coffee.
Dinner: chicken stir fry; rice; soy sauce; 1 chicken nugget. Pudding was posh ice cream & posh swiss roll. Coffee. Happy Hippo.