Sunday, 29 July 2007

Heroes 3

Haven't been able to do my blog lately as I've been playing HOMM3 with Jine in the evening (when I normally do my blog). I did want to play HOMM2, but it wouldnae install. HOMM3 installed okay, it crashes every so often which is annoy-cheese, but it autosaves regularly and we always save at the end of each go so is alright.

I have quite a bad cold (snotty and tiredness rather than coughy) so have been getting up quite late, having a shower etc. and then going to bed again. Also I went on a couple of walks with dad.

Have done a bit of work work, but not much - on Thursday I couldn't connect to my work PC even though it was switched on, and on Friday I could connect but adminspare3 was logged in so I couldn't login as it would throw them out. Then they switched the PC off on Friday at 5pm so I couldn't login on Fri evening or over the spleenkend.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007


Woke up about 8am, had a shower etc. Ben's friends came over to play with him. Did work work until lunch at 12.30pm.

After lunch I geocoded some photos. Then ate dinner, after that I did the washing up and did some more work work. Then I sorted through old school stuff to see what I wanted to keep (but I only had about 3 bits of paper amongst all the stuff and silly sara had about 2 boxes. Watched Top Gear race to the magnetic north pole, then the 1st 2 episodes of heroes, then a short rubbish program about the making of heroes.

Now it's about 11pm and I'll got to bed in a sec.

Breakfast: Strawberry jam toast sandwich, cup o' tea.
Lunch: Cathedral City Extra Mature cheese with salad sandwich, cherry tomatoes, apple, grape, satsuma, small sultana sponge cake, small coffee cake with coffee icing on top, cup o' tea.
Afternoon snack: Warm Chelsea Bun & a cup o' tea.
Dinner: 2 x Lincolnshire Sausage rolls, potatoes, baked beans. Pudding was a snowball, and I also had a happy hippo. Coffee.
Supper: Hot chocolate, Maryland choc chip & nuts cookie, malted milk biscuit.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007


Woke up at 4.30am, still couldn't get back to sleep by 5.30am so I got up. Had a shower etc. and then went on a walk at 6.30am to try and find some butterflies to photograph. Before I went out I checked in the back garden in case there were any interesting bugs there that would save me having to go on a possibly point cheese walk.

I went down to the fields below Willow way. My efforts weren't very successful initially, and I saw a soldier beetle and ladybird but no butterflies. I was looking in a long grass field since other people often post pictures of them asleep on pieces of long grass or other similar plants.

Later I found a bumble bee asleep on a small ox-eye type daisy. I didn't take my tripod, and so needed to use some fill flash to lighten up the dark bits. Unfortunately, although I packed my flash I must've taken the batteries out of the flash case and also the spare batteries that should've been in my bag weren't there. I also couldnae be bovvered to use my D200 as it would mean having to put my camera bag down on the wet ground to get all the stuff out. When we move I Tom Hink I might get a LowePro Slingshot, hopefully should make adding filters etc. to my cameras much easier.

After that I found a butterfly which flew around a bit, I followed it and waited till it landed, then tried to take it's photo but my camera couldnae focus close enough so I added the MCON-35, which meant I had to get quite near (35cm) to the butterfly for the camera to be able to focus. I frightened the butterfly a few times, but just followed it to where it landed and then was able to get quite a few shots.
After that I carried on walking , saw some rabbits and also I stood still for a bit to look round, and then a collared dove flew from just by my foot - somehow I didnae notice it when it was on the ground. A bit further on I saw a gatekeeper butterfly that I took some photos of. Then near the houses I saw some grasshoppers, and they actually hopped from one blade of grass to another. Got some photos of one of them as well.Then there was a bloke walking a dog so I walked the rest of the way home. People had nice flowers in their gardens but I didnae see any bugs. When I got home I went into the back garden, and there were bugs now. I took photos of some flies and also another gatekeeper butterfly and a speckled wood butterfly.
After that I came in and looked at the pics on my PC. They were okay unzoomed, but at 100% they were quite blurry. Pobasquish because I took all the photos handheld instead of with a tripod.

I ate a bit more food and did some work work for a couple of hours then at 12pm mem, mum, dad, Ben and Manveer went to have lunch on the beach. We went to Portslade but it was totally cold and windy and also clouds kept going over and blocking the sun. After that Dad dropped off some old stuff we didnae want at Emmaus Second hand superstore, then we went home.

When we got home I did a bit more work work and just went on the pinternet and beed bored. I also tried taking close-up photos of a wasp I killed.
I took 3 close up photos & tried to stitch them - PTGUI said it couldnae find any control points and autopano SIFT plugin didnae work so I downloaded autopano pro, saved as a .pts file then stitched in PTGUI. Had to do quite a bit of PP in PS as well.
I also found that when using robogeo to geotag images through google earth it was always putting the co-ordinates up and to the right a bit of where the crosshair is. This doesn't matter if you geotag when zoomed in close, but if you're zoomed out it can create quite a large error. I checked the robogeo webpage to see if there was an update to fix this, but apparently the problem is with google earth. There isn't a newer version of google earth than the one I had, but on the robogeo website it said you should use version 4.0 or below of google earth, so I managed to find a 4.0.something version of google earth, uninstalled the newer version and installed the older version. Is annoying since I've already geotagged loads of photos using google earth (and quite a few of them I tagged zoomed out, so may have large errors) but at least now I hopefully can geotag the rest of my photos accurately.
When sorting and tagging some recent photos, I also had a pic of me eating a happy hippo, deleeeeeeeeee!

After dinner I did washing up cleared the table, went on my comp for a bit, played excite truck against Ben, watched The Queens guards and Coast.

Now it's about 11pm and I'll go to bed.

Breakfast: Strawberry Jam toast sandwich, cup o' tea.
10am snack: Banana, Pop tart, cup o' tea.
Lunch: Ham with mustard and salad sandwich, Cheese with ham and salad sandwich, rich fruit cake, small sultana sponge cake with icing and half a glace cherry on top, twix finger, satsuma.
Dinner: Cheese & Tomato pizza, Ham & Pepperoni pizza, salad, chips. Pudding was 2 x tesco american style chocolate brownie cookies - delee! Coffee.

Monday, 23 July 2007


Haven't had time to do my blog lately as have been packing everything apart from the stuff I will need in the next 2 ½ weeks until we move. Took age cheese to pack eveneux and also was annoying because I have had to put cds and dvds etc. randomly in boxes to make use of all the space in boxes, which messes it up since before all my dvds, cds etc were in alphabetical order but now they're just random.

Now have loads more space in my room and have taken down most of the shelves. Quite skill really since I have taken all my cds and some other stuff down from the loft, so actually have more in my room than I did before. Suzanne has been on holiday since Friday, so not had much work to do which is gokos. Just have a couple of reasonably urgent things to do, then quite a few longer term projects. Can't really do much at the Tom Moment though 'cause ML was using my office PC earlier and now it's been switched off!?!

Ann and Peter Wilson are staying over in Ben's room tonight, and Jon went up to Jason Kilby's wedding on Friday, and should be back on Wednesday. Me & rad might go a walk tomorrow if the weather's okay, I just checked and it might be.

We had dad's church leaving do on Sunday afternoon, and I got thanked for doing the notices and chairs and got a £25 WHSmith voucher, so that was very kind of the church. Also mum got some M&S vouchers and Dad got a painting of Jack & Jill which is gokos. Not sure if it is as gokos as 'Tom Bombadil - The Martian Orchestra' though.

Breakfast: Strawberry Jam Toast Sandwich, cup o' tea, Special gingerbread Shaz got from the Lake District.
Lunch: Bits of pizza, sausage rolls, a piece of quiche and a vegetable roll, 2 x small cakes (leftovers from yesterday).
Dinner: Minced beef & dumplings, gravy, mixed veg, potatoes. Pudding was left over rich fruit cake from yesterday.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Broke car and got rained on

Got up about 8am, had breakfast etc. Gave dad a lift to Hassocks station, but on the way back I clipped a parked truck in the highstreet and broke the left wing mirror off, although it's still hanging off by some wires. Annoy-cheese.

After that Joan Yumpt cheese was having a mee-ardy about that I needed to go to Brighton with him so he could pick up his train tickets to Mansfield for Jason's wedding. So we went to Brighton and saw some graffiti and even someone doing graffiti. I took some panos but they won't be very good since it was raddish and cloudy. Then it rained a bit so we went back home. When we started walking home from Hassocks station it rained lota and me & jine were totally soaked by the time we got home. So basically I had to pay £3.50 and give up a few hours of my day just to get wet.

When we came home we had lunch, but there wasn't any cheese left or ham so I couldnae have any sandwiches. Mum made me half a bacon butty though. After lunch I wanted to watch Commando but Joan Yumpt Cheese was too sleep cheese so I just did some work work and went on the pinternet for a bit. After a few hours joan had woken up so we watched Commando which I remembered I had seen before and is totally ultimate.

After that I geocoded a few photos, then it was dinner time. After dinner I cleared the table and did washing up, then I played on Excite truck with Jon and Ben. After that I watched a programme about the Queens Guards.

Breakfast: Honey Shreddies, cup o' tea.
Lunch: Half a bacon butty with salad, tomato ketchup and Cathedral City Mature yet Mellow cheese. Smokey bacon crisps, apple, 2 x satsumas, drifter.
Afternoon snack: Satsuma, 2 x grapes.
Dinner: Cheese & Bacon quiche, peas, potatoes. Pudding was jamaica ginger cake with golden syrup and custard. Coffee.

Monday 16th
Did nae really do anything. Geo coded some photos and did work work, that's about it laddie.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Headache & Sleepy

Got up at 8am, had a shower and ate breakfast with Ben. Had a headache and felt sleepy so went back to bed again.

At 10.15am mum said it was time for church so we went to the village green for the St. Lawrence fair service which was in a marquee. After the service we ran away but Ben had taken his shoes off, which meant he had to put them on again. Because of the delay in Ben putting his shoes on this meant that Fr. John got outside the tent before us, so he spoke to Jon before we could run away properly. Luck-slush no-one spoke to me though and since Jon didn't talk to him properly we could run away after a few seconds of Jon just going umm when Brendon beed skill. Ben said the service was even more boring than last year.

On the way home Jon was saying how in Chef Field there's loads of people with clip boards what always try to ask you questions. Ben said that you should just give them a massive piece of cheese. Jon asked him how massive and he showed us, probably about 3 feet diameter and 1/2 foot thick. We said that that would be a bit big to carry round with you, but Ben said you could wear it as hat.

When we got home I beed bored for a bit, then I went to bed again. We had dinner about 1pm.

After dinner I geo-coded some photos, but then my headache got too painful so I went to bed again. At 5pm we had tea, which was totally nice waffles made in Ben's waffle maker that I got him for Chrimbo.

After tea I switched the TV on and 13 going on 30 was just starting so I shouted jon and we watched it. It was skill Lindsay Lohan style except with Jennifer Garner and not Lindsay Lohan.

Then I just geocoded photos - Devils Dyke & Dyke Railway Trail then went to bed 10.30pm.

Breakfast: Crunchy nut cornflakes, cup o' tea.
Dinner: Chilli Con carne, rice, tortilla chips with cheese. Pudding was strawberries with squirty cream.
Tea: Peppered ham sandwich, waffles with golden syrup & squirty cream, chocolate cereal cake, cup o' tea.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

skilk 103.2 dream

Had a skill dream where there was this woman who had captured Batman (Batman was a baddie) and the chief police bloke also had someone he thought was batman. Both the possible batmans were with the chief behind his desk. I think the batmans were wrapped up in bandages like a mummy so you could nae see them properly.

The woman who caught the real batman was in front of the desk and there were also lots of press sitting down in the middle of the room and guards in the corners. The police chief said that he thought one batman was the real one and the woman thought the other one was real, so they would see. The real batman wasn't very muscley but the fake batman was muscley and confident, so it looked like the fake batman would be the real one.

Then the chief said something about needing an ICS form to be able to prosecute batman, but he had got the real batman to fill out an ICS form on behalf of the woman so the woman could get him prosecuted. (Kind of a punishment for the batman because he has to fill out the form so he can be prosecuted and also saves the woman having to do any paperwork). The real batman said something like he'd get the woman. The chief said the form just needed signing by the woman.

Then the woman said that the ICS form had all her personal details on, and she realised that the chief was working with the real batman and by getting him to fill out the form for her had given the real batman her home address etc. so he could kidnap her kids etc. Then the woman shot the chief and batman.

Then someone opened or closed their door in real life and woke me up at about 4.20am. I tried to get back to sleep and thought that the dream story was okay, but obviously the baddie bloke shouldn't be batman and when the woman realises it's a trick she should shoot the chief and the fake baddie (who would be standing behind the desk with the chief), and the real baddie could be slightly behind them. Then she jumps behind the desk and has a shoot out with the police officers while the real baddie slips off through a side door.

I couldn't get back to sleep so I got up about 4.45am. Had a shower etc and ate breakfast - I was totally hungry. It was dark and overcast so not very light as well. Went on my comp and the Brighton HipHop Festival website still isn't working, so I went on the Brighton HipHop website, and on there it said the long section of grafiti in the New England quarter development by Brighton train station was re-done last weekend, and also someone had got annoyed by them re-doing it and bombed it! That's totally annoying since I really wanted to see them doing it, and now I can't see it at all.

After that I went on my comp, sorting panos and processing a few panos / hdrs. Then me and dad went out on a short walk just through fields to the west of Washbrooks, then across and down bedlam lane, carry straight on and then go left into the fields south of the high street, then up until we came out at the Village park / green, then home. Went we down manor road we saw a peacock:

But I did nae see any pea-chicks what Shaz said she had seen. We also saw some South Downs Lambs, I guess they will be killed soon:

After we came home about 11.30am I went on my comp for a bit more, then we had lunch about 12pm. After that I played on a Mario World level Ben had edited on lunar magic to have tons of baddies and also instead of turtle shells the koopas had mario heads. Then I went and watched the St. Lawrence Fair Parade about 1pm and took some raddish photos because it's a raddish parade.

Then I copied the photos to my PC and also had this skill photo of a totally cheese item - someone gave the No One Quite Like Grandma song to their Grandma as a present!?!

After that I went on my PC and sorted out some photos. I started to do some work work but my PC at work kept having an 'internal error' and disconnecting me. Then about 5pm we had dinner.

After dinner I cleared the table and did washing up, then I did some more picture sorting, then watched Azumi 2. At 9pm I was going to watch Coast, but then it was a repeat of 1 from a couple of weeks ago instead of a repeat of last weeks (which I missed). So I just did some more work work instead. Went to bed about 10.30pm.

Breakfast: Crunchy nut cornflakes, cup o' tea.
Breakfast 2: Pop Tart, cup o' tea.
Lunch: Ham & salad sandwich, cheese and salad sandwich, plum, satsuma, breakaway.
Dinner: Home made chicken pie, peas, potatoes, gravy. Rhubarb crumble for pudding. Coffee.

Friday, 13 July 2007

Uncle Mike & grandad

Got up about 8.30am. Had a shower, ate breakfast etc. Went on my comp, just went on the pinternet and did some work work. Went down the village so jon could get out £40 he owes me from the money I gave him to pay for his driving lesson the other day and also to buy some birdseed from the petshop.

Grandad & Uncle Mike came at about 12.20pm, then we waited till mum got back from nursery and had lunch just after 1pm.

After lunch I listened to grandad talking about when he was in Italy in the war and also tried to sort out the problem that I can't login to my work PC. Around 4pm Grandad and Uncle Mike left and also TSG sorted out the problem with my PC at work so I could log in to it. After that I started work on getting the E-Update ready to send out - Suzanne had emailed me a copy of the text content.

At 5pm we had dinner. At 5.30pm I started working working again, unfortunately I didn't have much success sending tests of the email through the database - It kept just opening the email with an Email address in the BCC box. At 6.30pm I watched Natures Calendar. At 7.00pm I started working again. After trying different things I eventually gave up on sending the email through the database and decided to just export a list of email addresses from the database to excel and then bulk email through Word mail merge.

I did this, first using a test list with only my email address. The email didn't come out properly, so I had to make a few changes and do a few more tests before it was ready to send. After that I sent it out, but I kept having to click cancel on an error message that pops up every time someone doesn't have a sensible email address (e.g. no @ sign or has a comma instead of a dot), which was very annoying. Due to the slow upspeed internet connection at work (and maybe my slow upspeed here) it takes about 30 seconds after you click on the message until it registers the click and dissapears.

Eventually all the emails to the members got sent, and then I just had to do the ones to chairs of associations. Unfortunately the list of chairs of affiliated assocs didn't have the email addresses for the chairs in it, and one assoc was missing as well. So I had to manually go through the database to find their record and their email address. When I'd made a list I phoned Suzanne to tell her the members email had gone (she asked me to phone her and let her know when it had gone) and also to ask what I should do about some assoc chairs that did nae have emails. So I gave her a call, but her phone went on to answerphone (it was 10.20pm) so I just left a message for her. She hasn't called back yet, hopefully she won't call back after 11pm cos I'm going to go to bed in a second.

After that I just sent the email to the chairs that do have emails and cleared up some files and stuff. Again, the process is very slow due to the large lag.

Breakfast: Crunchy nut cornflakes, cup o' tea.
Lunch: Cathedral City Mature yet Mellow Cheddar Cheese with Alfresco style salad sandwich, Cathedral City Mature yet Mellow Cheddar Cheese with Alfresco style salad in a piece of baguette, chocolate mini roll, cup o' tea.
Dinner: Breaded Fish portion with vinegar & black pepper, chips, peas. For pudding I just had a yu-lum-plum and an apple. Coffee.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

went to the dump

Woke up about 5.15am, got up at about 5.30am. Had a shower etc and a bit of breakfast. Went on my comp. I was intending to have a proper breakfast with Ben, but he secretly got up and went to school without making any noise so I did nae know he had got up.

About 9.30am I went to the dump in Burgess Hill with dad and we got rid of old magazines, blankets, tables and my old bike. After that we went into Burgess Hill and dad did some food shopping while I went to Park Cameras and bought my monopod. I had to wait around in the car for quite a while for dad to get back after I'd been to Park Cameras. It was raining very lightly.

When I got home I did some more work work and pano work. Then ate lunch, then did more work work and pano work. Then ate dinner, then did washing up & clearing table and then watched TV. I watched Nature's calendar, and then Saving Planet Earth UK.

After that I did more work work and pano work, then went to bed.

Breakfast: Strawberry jam toast sandwich, cup o' tea.
Lunch: Cheese with Al Fresco style salad sandwich, honey sandwich, cup o' tea, satsuma, grapes, breakaway.
Dinner: Roast Beef, gravy, peas, potatoes, Daucus carota subsp. sativus. Pudding was delee blackberry cheesecake with cream. Coffee.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007


Got up about 7.45am. Had a shower etc. Had to have breakfast by myself because Ben had already had his. Could nae watch in the night garden becaue I was eating my breakfast while it was on.

After that went on my comp to do more work work. One of the presentations I need to upload was 12MB when converted to PDF, I tried converting with various options, but the lowest I could get it down to was 4MB. I am guessing it is due to the gradient backgrounds on the slides, which probably need saving as an image for each page.

Ate lunch, did some more work work. Looked at monopods on ebay, they go 2nd hand for about as much as they do new so I just reserved one at Park Cameras in Burgess Hill and I'll and go and buy it tomorrow. I didn't want to get a cheapo chinese one as they seem to have built in heads, and the built in head on my cheapo hama tripod was rubbish so I'd rather get one with no head. Also, I wanted one with a snap lock leg so it'd be quicker to extend the leg. I ended up going for the Manfrotto 676B. I also did some work on the panos from last Thursday.

Then we ate dinner. After that I did a bit more work work and pano work, then I watched Natures calendar, followed by Saving Planet Earth UK (or its called sumat like that). Then I went on my comp again to do more work work and pano work.

Then I put together pics for a pontipine anim jine made which was ulti. Mum had a look at it then said I had to put my dismatled shelves in the garage. After that I went on my comp ooh ahh a little bit more then went to bed.

Breakfast: Crunchy nut cornflakes, pop tart, cup o' tea.
Lunch: Crust of bread (it was nice bakery bread), ham and salad sandwich, plum, satsuma, iced lemon madeira.
Dinner: Cheese burger (beef burger with cheese in the actual patty, except did nae taste cheesey) with salad, tomato, tomato sauce & mayonaise. Slice of bread. Pudding was 3 American (large) strawberries with whipped double cream. I also had a plum, an apple, a Tesco oaty biscuit (bit like hob-nobs) and a cookie. Coffee.


Got up at 7am. Had a shower etc. Ate breakfast with Ben, then watched Gordon the garden Gnome & In the night garden.

After that, went on a walk with Dad and Jon at 9am. Took quite a long way to get where we were going. After the walk we ate lunch in the car, then went on another small walk on the other side of the hill. The weather was quite overcast and it rained a few drops, which was annoy-cheese since it's been quite nice weather (except for the odd shower) the last few days. Dad said the weather forecast had said that today would be the only day it didn't rain!

We got home maybe 2.30pm or 3.00pm, I went on my comp and started to edit a pano from yesterday. Then Ben came home so me Jon and Ben watched an old sci-fi film with Leslie Nielson when he was young and not a comedy bloke. After that Suzanne from work called and gave me loads of work to do. Then we ate dinner.

After dinner I cleared the table and did washing up, then I watched TV: Last half of Nature's Calendar; Programme about endangered animals in UK; programme about Giant turtles in Ireland.

After that I did some work for work, but could nae do much because work only has 256kbps upstream, so it's total sloooooowness to do anything which invloves connecting to the server there. Then I went to bed.

Breakfast: Crunchy nut cornflakes, strawberry jam toast sandwich, cup o' tea.
Prior to walk snack: choc chip cookie, coffee.
Lunch: Ham sandwich, smokey bacon crisps, satsuma, kit kat plain, choc chip cookie, coffee.
Afternoon snack: Apple, plum.
Dinner: Roast chicken, gravy, peas, carrots, potatoes, parsnips. Pudding was swiss roll with custard. Coffee. Happy Hippo, Mars Easter egg.

Monday, 9 July 2007

Packing comp gam stuff

Got up at 7am. Had a shower etc and had breakfast with Ben.

Watched TV - Gordon the garden Gnome, In the night garden, Berenstain Bears, Bits & Bobs.

Went on my comp for a bit and tried to re-edit the pano I edited yesterday, except with a darker sky. It did nae work so I decided to just leave it as it is. Then I opened pano 2, but it was all T-rashed so I had to create and re-stitch the whole project again. After putting the PTGUI projects into the batch stitcher I decided to do some more packing and started packing up comp gam stuff. I cleaned a spleencast pad which took quite a long time as there was lots of dirt stuck in all the cracks.

After that we had lunch, we didnae have any marge-el-spleen so we had to have cheese on toast instead of sandwiches. Mum nicked granny's butter, but there wasn't very much so we just had it on scones instead of sandwiches.

After lunch I carried on packing up some of my comp gam stuff and also watched a bit of an Asterix film what Jon & Ben were watching. I also looked at 3 sky magazines what I got age-cheese ago but had never opened.

Then it was dinner, after that I did some washing up & cleared the table, then did more packing comp gam stuff.

Breakfast: Strawberry jam toast sandwich, cup o' tea.
9am snack: Pop tart, cup o' tea.
Lunch: 2 x Cheese on toast, 3 x plums, fruit scone with butter, iced lemon madeira cake, breakaway, cup o' tea.
Dinner: Quiche Lorraine, Sausage & Tomato Quiche, green beans, potato. Pudding was fruit sponge with lumpy custard I made. Coffee.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Return of the headache

I forgot to say yesterday that it was really nice weather, so it was annoying that I had to stay in bed nearly all day. It was nice weather today as well.

Woke up at 4.20am quite asthmary, hot and had a headache again. Did my ventolin and opened the window, then went back to sleep and got up at 9am. Still had a headache but it wasn't very bad.

Had a shower etc, went to have breakfast but nearly all the cinnamon grahams were gone so I had to have toast. Went on my comp for a bit then went to Church.

Got to church a few minutes early, but it was totally packed, which was dead wierd since it's normally nearly empty. Me & Jon put out a couple of extra rows of plastic chairs at the back. It was the Girls Brigade Diamond (I Tom Hink, 60 years anyway) Jubilee service and an old minister had come back to do the service so that was why so many people were there. After the service me and jine had to wait around for a billion years for everyone to move so we could put the chairs away. We did get a cup o' tea and some nice girls brigade jubilee celebration cake though. The service was from 10.30 - 11.30 and by the time me and Jon had finished putting the chairs away and getting the tables out for Coffee 4 U it was 12.30. So we had to wait about as much time as the actual service was (putting the chairs away and getting tables out would pobasquish take 10mins if no-one else was around).

When we got home we watched some more of Pans Labyrinth, then ate dinner, did some washing up & cleared the table, then finished watching Pans Labyrinth. It was okay, but nothing much happens really so I gave it 6/10.

After that I went on my comp for a bit, then Jon said for me to come in his room so I did and he was sorting out some more stuff for packing, he went through all his old football magazines and threw most of them away. He also gave me all his 7"s and some rubbish games. Also a GINA G ALBUM!!

Then I sorted through the 7"s, added them to my Music database and filed them. I also found a box of tapes that I didnae file when I sorted out all my other tapes the other day Doh! When I was done with that we ate tea.

After tea I went on my comp a bit more, I sorted through the photos from yesterday, just deleting rubbish ones and tagging what filter I used for those I could remember / see I used a filter on. I didnae do any PP or renaming on them though, I did sort them into folders for panos / HDRs. After that I edited a pano from Thursday. Unfortunately, even on the -1ev version the sky is blown out. When I tried to convert to a .mov file it crashed my PC.

Breakfast: Strawberry Jam toast sandwich, banana, cup o' tea.
After Church snack: Cake, cup o' tea.
Dinner: Beef stew, toast. Pudding was cinnamon fruit loaf, and another piece of girls brigade cake. Coffee.
Tea: Cathedral City Mature yet Mellow Cheddar Cheese with salad sandwich, ham sandwich, fruit scone, apple, breakaway, cup o' tea.
Supper: Cold chocolate milk.

Saturday, 7 July 2007


Got up at 6.20am, had a shower and had breakfast with Ben.

Went on my comp, and converted the pano photos from Thursday's walk to TIFFs using DXO. While that was working I went on the pinternet. Then I backed up all the Need sorting files, My downloads files and Useful files & progs files. By the time it had finished I had a headache so I went to bed again at pobasquish 9am.

I got up again at 11.20am and had a cup o' tea and chocolate muffin with Jon and Ben (Ben gave Jon some shocolate chicken muffins for his B-day). After that I went on my comp for a bit and downloaded the latest version of PTGUI (the beta version I was using expired on 1st July). Then I did a few PTGUI projects for the panos from Thursday. After a bit my headache got too bad and I went to bed again.

I got up again about 3.30pm and had another shower because I was all smelt of B.O. dead bad from being in bed. Then I watched a bit of Pan's labyrinth with Jon while Ben was doing some stop motion lego animation downstairs. When Ben finished making the animation on my comp me and Jon and Ben all watched it, then we watched some videos on Youtube. Then mum came in and said Ben had to go on a walk.

Since my headache was still quite bad I thought hopefully it might get better if I went on a walk so I went on a walk with Ben and we went down Cuckfield Road towards Burgers Hill, then left across some fields, then up Langton Lane, then along Albourne road back towards Hurst, then down Western Road, then right down Weald Close, then came back out on Cuckfield Road and went home. Maybe one day I will put a google map with a tracklog on it here if I can be bov-cheese (pobasquish nae). I took nearly all the photos with a 0.6 split ND filter because my polarising filter did nae seem to make much difference.

When we got home we had dinner, which was delee barbequed kebabs, what mum bought off the local butcher at the top of the road for £10 for 5. Bit of a trip off, but they were delee. She had barbequed them on a co-op barbeque tray thing she found in a bin. I was totally hungry since I did nae have any lunch.

After dinner I did some washing up and then Jon drove me, mum and Ben up to Jack & Jill Windmills and we went for a short walk. Again, I took most of my photos with the 0.6 Split ND filter. Now I just have even more photos I need to sort through and process.

We got home about 8.20pm. I wanted to go out again so I could take some photos of the sun set when it happened, but first I had a bowl of ice cream because I was dead thirsty. Really I wanted a lollipop but we did nae have any. While I ate the ice cream I watched futurama with Ben. When it finished it was 9pm and I think the sun had already set, so I could nae be bov-cheese to go out and try and take a sunset photo. There weren't many clouds so I don't think there was much of a sunset to see. By the time futurama had finished, my headache had nearly gone, although I had been taking quite a couple of paracetemols every few hours throughout the day.

Then I took all my camera stuff upstairs, copied the pics from my FZ5 to my comp and read the beano. I also did the last PTGUI project files for the panos from Thursday. Then I backed up all the 'Need sorting' files again. Now I am going to put the PTGUI projects for Thursday's panos into the batch stitcher and go to bed while it stitches them overnight.

Breakfast: Cinnamon Grahams, cup o' tea.
11.30am snack: Chocolate muffin the mule, cup o' tea.
Afternoon snack: Satsuma.
Dinner: Chicken Kebab, quarter of a jacket potato, piece of pork from a pork kebab, 2 x buns with marg. Pudding was Strawberry Pavlova. Lemon & Lime carbonated water to drink. Banana.

Friday, 6 July 2007


Got up at 6.40am, had a shower etc. It was Jon's Birthday today so we got to have Cinnamon Grahams for breakfast. Jon got some money and a PCMIA Wireless card for his laptop. His present from me (Lost Season 2) has nae arrived yet, and I just checked CDWOW and it has nae even been despatched yet! Also Jon said that HMV are selling the region 2 version for £27 now, so it would've been better if I'd waited a bit then ordered it from His Master's Voice.
After breakfast me, jon & Ben watched In The Night Garden, although Ben had to go to school part way through and Jon went away.
After that I went on my comp for a bit then I ate a dead nice pop tart and I let Jon have 1 as well since it's his birthday.
Then I sorted out all my DVDs and packed them into a box, then I sorted out my tapes & packed them away while Jon sorted out his CDs, and he even gave me the trolltimateness of the S Club Juniors Album!!! (On condition that I also have his T-rash Eamon album). Silly Sara made me give her a lift to Hassocks station so that was annoy-cheese.
My tapes in a box
Then we ate lunch, then did more sorting, then Jon went to Brighton to meet Silly Sara. While Jon was in Brighton I sorted out all my records. I had to get them from the piles & boxes they were in and put them in boxes that would be okay for when we move. Luckily most of the records fitted in the record cases I bought ages ago, and there was a box that one of the record cases came in, so I used that for the rest of the records and put loads of bubble wrap in it to protect the records. The proper cases I just stuffed full of records.

Then Ben came home and he was wearing my bag and had tied the end of the straps around his waist.
I moved around some boxes in my room so I could fit the boxes of records in my room, when I moved the boxes it was totally dusty so I had to vaccum cleaner up the dust.

Then we ate dinner, which was just boring fish, although we did have Ben & Jerry's Ice cream for pudding. It was meant to be Raspberry Pavlova, but it was still frozen.

After dinner I did washing up & clearing the table, then we watched the Lion King which was okay, a bit raddish but luck-slush not too long. Also the monkey did skill martial arts.

Then I went on my comp for a bit. I compared Breeze Browser Pro's raw conversion to DXO and DXO is amazingly better. I think I will probably have to purchase Breeze Downloader Pro though, so I can geotag my NEF files when I download them from the camera. My trial version of it will run out soon. Also, I haven't tried Capture NX to check whether it will keep GPS data from NEFs when converting to JPEG yet. Hopefully I will have time to install Capture NX & try that tomorrow.

Breakfast: Cinnamon Grahams, cup o' tea.
10am snack: Pop Tart, cup o' tea.
Lunch: Mature yet Mellow Cathedral City Cheddar Cheese with salad sandwich, ham sandwich, apple, satsuma.
Dinner: Breaded fish with Sarsons Malt vinegar and Black pepper, peas, potatoes. Pudding was Ben & Jerry's Phish Food Ice Cream.
Film nibbles: Prawn Cocktail crisps, malteasers.

Thursday, 5 July 2007


Got up at 8am, had to wait for Shaz mataz team to finish in the shower. Went on a walk with sad bad rad de pad dad and jin da pin at 9.30am (actually a bit later because Jon had driven to Tesco?!? and came back after 9.30am).

We went on wALK on the downs and I took my tripod so I could take some panos. Maybe I should get a monopod since hopefully it should be easier to carry than a tripod and can also double as a walking stick.

After that came home and had lunch. Went on my comp for a bit. My replacement ipod arrived and I shipped back the faulty one.

Watched a Marx brothers film with Jon. After that ate dinner. I did a dead funny knock knock joke what made jine laugh for age-cheese:
Knock, Knock
Who's there?
Packet who?
Packet of Pogs
Har de har har me hearties

Then me, Jon and Ben played Pags for a bit. Went on my comp for the rest of the evening, just going on pinternet, updating my music database and ripping some raddish CDs what I bought from Andy's Records about 6 or so years ago to sell on swapitship before it went bust.

Breakfast: Strawberry Jam Toast Sandwich, cup o' tea.
Lunch: Prawn Cocktail Crisps, Cathedral City Mature yet Mellow Cheddar Cheese with salad sandwich, Ham with salad sandwich, nectarine, fake caramel Rocky, cup o' tea.
Afternoon snack: 2 x Satsumas.
Dinner: 2 x Homemade Beef Burgers in Buns with Tom Ketch & Salad (one had cheese in as well), baked beans, about 5 chips. Pudding was choc swiss roll with choc custard. Coffee.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Tidying room

Woke up at 6.20am but I could nae be bothered to get up so I went to sleep again and got up just after 7pm. Had a shower etc. and ate breakfast. Mum still would nae let me open the cinnamon grahams or honey nut shreddies for breakfast so I had to have toast as normal. Did nae see the mouse again.
Watched TV, In the night garden. Went on my comp and went on the apple site to troubleshoot my ipod shuffle. Tried all the stuff they said to do but it still did nae work so I applied online for a service - they should send me somat in the post, then I send the ipod to them, they fix it and send it back. Luckily they don't seem to require the receipt, since it was a leaving present from work I do nae have the receipt.
Started to tidy my room. Ate lunch at just after 12pm. Watched TV with jine- Bits & Bobs, then the Little Red Tractor, then Big Cook Little Cook. Part way through Big Cook Little Cook pine tree had to go on a driving lesson. Did some more tidying up.
The stuff on top of my bed is a bit tidier now, so I am copying some images off my FZ-5 memory card to the PC. One of them was a picture of my pudding a few weeks ago:

Yummy scrumptilicious - skilk how I just made that up but if you google search for it other people have said it as well.

After that I tried to copy a couple of CDs to my PC which invloved downloading lots of programs and reading how to get the best results. I also started downloading Open Office since I need to open my music database to add my Katie Price & Peter Andre album I bought a few weeks ago to it.

After that I ate dinner.

In the evening I tested out writing GPS data to NEF files using Breeze Downloader Pro. It worked, and converted JPEGs through Photoshop kept the GPS data, but when converted through DXO Optics the GPS data was lost. I have downloaded Capture NX and will need to test that next.

Then me and jon watched Shaolin Master Killer (the 36th chamber of Shaolin).

Breakfast: Strawberry Jam toast sandwich, cup o'tea
9am snack: Cup o' tea, choc chip digestive, shortcake biscuit.
Lunch: Piece of Baguette with Cathedral City Mature yet Mellow cheddar cheese and salad, Ham with salad sandwich, gold bar, cup o' tea.
Dinner: Sweet Potato, Chicken Pie, potato, green beans, gravy. Pudding was miguel wave sponge with golden syrup and custard. Coffee.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007


Got up at 7am, had a shower etc. Ate breakfast, did nae see the mouse though.

Watched Pingu, Gordon the garden gnome and In the night garden. Then Ben went to school and it started to rain loads.


Monday, 2 July 2007

Finished work (kind of)


Woke up about 5.45am. I decided to get up when I woke up since on Saturday and Sunday I had got up quite late and it meant it took me age-cheese to get to sleep in the evening. Also it was quite hot in bed.

Had a show and then ate breakfast while watching sparrows and a mouse which is living underneath the study. Also, a blackbird tried to go on the seed feeder but it was too big to actually get any seeds.

Geotagged some photos and watched Sentinel with jine. Ate lunch and a woman was there which was embarrasing. Watched Munich with jine, it was totally long and boring.

Geotagged some more photos, ate dinner, did some more geotagging, watched Azumi and then went to bed.

Breakfast: Strawberry Jam toast sandwich, cup o' tea.
9am snack: Lincolnshire Plum loaf, Croissant, coffee
10am snack: Choc chip digestive biscuit, fig roll, cup o' tea
Lunch: Ham with salad sandwich, Cathedral City Mature yet Mellow cheddar cheese with salad sandwich, Honey sandwich, totally delee iced Madeira sandwich cake, fake caramel rocky, cup o' tea.
Dinner: Potato, bacon, baked beans. For pudding I had 2 x mandarins & a lil' pear.


Got up about 9.30am, which meant I did nae have enough time for a shower since if I did have one then it would be time for church by the time I finished. Even though I didn't have a shower, I was still nearly late for church because it took the oven age-cheese to heat up so I could cook my croissants mother bought me yes terre day.

At church there was a skill tall scottish bloke who did the service but he talked in scottish so I could nae understand what he was on aboot sony jim lad.

After church I had to bring granny home, which was about 1,000,000 times quicker than waiting for her to get ready to go to church is.

Then I watched Bride of Frankenstein with jinny keep warm 7" edit. I tried a bit more to get my ipod to work but still could nae. I also was going to do a test with the gps and my D200 but the batteries for the gps were worn out so I had to recharge them. Also I opened another packet of rechargable batteries and put them on spleen-charge as well.

In the spleen-vening me & jon-de-la-spon watched Serenity which was quite gokos.


Got up about 9am. Went on my comp and tried to sort out how to geotag NEF files and also how to make my ipod shuffle work. I downloaded some software called Breeze Downloader Pro and that seems to be able to geotag NEF files using a gpx tracklog file, but you have to use the program to download the files from the memory card to your PC for it to work.

Since I don't have any NEF files that match up with a gps tracklog I will have to do a test.

Spent most of the day watching films: sixth sense, hostage (finishing off the 3 film Bruce Willis-a-thon), Frankenstein.


Well, friday was my last day at work, I finished at 6pm. I still had other stuff to do, but the company's decided to keep me on part time working from home on website stuff, and my boss said that if people need something that I haven't done then they can phone me at home.

I drove into work on Friday because it was raining really badly, I meant to refill with petrol at Sainsbury's on the way home but I forgot. When I got home I did washing up & clearing the table and watched 12 monkeys.