Thursday, 31 May 2007

made my headache go away before it got bad!

Got up, the weather this morning was a bit sunny so I cycled to work, but as soon as I left the house the sky went all grey and clouded over. Luck-cheese it didnae rain though. Did work, mainly answering the Tom Phone. Left work at 5.10pm because I had to wait for someone else to finish using the loo (they were actual-cheese getting changed in there like I always do).

Got home about 6.00pm. My 67-77mm step up ring had arrived so I made sure it worked, then left feedback for the seller on ebay. I also bid for a set of cokin P filter holder rings as otherwise I would forget to bid on them (they end about 9pm tomorrow).

Made my sandwiches for Tom Morrow and did washing up. Laid the table. Ate Dan's diner.

After dinner I worked on the blossom tree pano that perk head said they wanted a christmas pageant ago. Also went on Deviant art and msn'ed jon who amaze-cheese was jon-the-sponline again! Now it's 8 of the clock I will be watching springwatch laddox.

Breakfast: 2 x Strawberry jam toast sandwiches, cup o' tea.
Lunch: 2 x Cheddar cheese with crunchy salad sandwiches, apple, 2 x satsumas.
Dinner: Spaghetti Carbonara with extra grated cheese and black pepper. Pudding was a couple o' grapes & a bakewell tart. Crunchie chocolate and a coffee.

Wednesday, 30 May 2007


Got up etc, was going to cycle to work but when I went outside it started raining. So I drove to work, although it didnae actually rain much. Got to work about 8am. Got the last car parking space out the front.

Did work, had to check the Newsletter so I didnae get to leave until 5.30pm and my boss had left at 4pm so I couldn't apply for any overtime. Got home about 6pm. It was nice and sunny on the way home so actually I could've cycled quite comfortably today.

Checked how the PTGUI project I stitched yesterday came out, and it was okay since it was nae HDR. I saved the 3 stitched exposures it had created as layers in the PSD file as TIFFs and then put them into a demo of Photomatix Pro, but it said it didnae have enough memory so I had to do a large image thing. Eventual-cheese I got that to work, but the car and some bits of tree were still trashed despite me putting normal movement compensation thingy on.

Then I got bored of trying to get it to work and talked to jon on msn and played reversi with him. Then I watched springwatch. Now I am typping this and I will pobasquish do hardly anything else and then go to bed.

Breakfast: 2 x Strawberry jam toast sandwiches, cup o' tea.
Lunch: Lump of bakery bread, 2 x satsumas, apple.
Dinner: Meals on wheels Roast beef, peas & carrots, potato, gravy. Was actual-cheese nice. Pudding was Strawberries & squirty cream.
Supper: Rich fruit cake, tesco value chocolate digestive biscuit bar, cold chocolate milk drink, some yorkie.


It was nice & sunny so cycled to work, got there about 8.30am. Did work, mainly answering phones & sending bulk emails. Left at 5.15pm because someone called up just after 5pm on an internal line so I had to take the call.

Got home and looked at the HDR PTGUI image I had stitched - it was raddish, had a moving car that was made all wierd. Told PTGUI to stitch again to a layered PSD and that took the rest of the evening. While it was doing that I just went on pinternet and watched Springwatch and Andrew Marr's history of modern Britain.

Breakfast: 2 x Strawberry jam toast sandwiches, cup o' tea.
Lunch: Breaded ham with crunchy salad sandwich, cheddar cheese with crunchy salad sandwich, apple, pear, satsuma.
Dinner: Ham Quiche, peas, potato. Pudding was Jam Doughnut. Coffee.
After Dinner snack: Angel layer cake, coffee.
Supper: Tesco Value chocolate digestive bar, cold chocolate milk.

Monday, 28 May 2007

Jon beed online!?!

Woke up at 8am, checked the defrag report for the Defrag I started last night on the stuff partition. Told it to defrag the Vista partition. Had a shower etc. Had breakfast by myself in the back room because Ben had already had his. Finished off the Cinnamon Grahams.

Spent most of the morning trying to get my old main HD to work on Ben's PC. With Win98 as the master and the XP drive as the slave, Win 98 couldn't see the drive at all. So we tried setting up XP as the master with no slave and doing a repair on XP since it wouldnae boot from the XP drive normally. Did that, which took about a million years laddox, and then it still didnae work (just gets to a certain point de la point and then Mr Resetti's.

After that made a little yellow lego car with a door and windows. Then went on my comp. Ate lunch. Went on my comp. Ate dinner. Went on my comp. I tried installing various versions of PTGUI, but only v7 Beta seemed to work properly. Apparently the HDR on the Pro version is nae verily gokos sire, but I read on the PTGUI Google Group that it will be improved for the next release.

I was going to wait until Autopano Pro with fisheye support had been released before I decided whether to buy PTGUI or Autopano Pro, but I've got tons of panos to stitch so I cannae really afford to wait for that since I donae know when that will be jim-bye. So I bought PTGUI Pro, which was about £100 (OUCH!).

I also looked at GPS units since I will need to get one before we move so I can Geo-tag all the photos I've taken round here. I think I will get the Garmin 76Csx, I found a website that does it for about £300 ( is £550!!!). I do nae know if I should order it yet, if I order it now then I should hopeful-squish get it for next weekend and then I could use it then, but I do nae know how urgently I need it jimmy lad.

Jon beed online for a few minutes, so that was amaze cheese. He's still online on MSN but he's not actual cheese there. Springwatch is on soon, so that's skill and I will obvisquish watch it. Also I saw quite a lot of birds today on the feeders, they seem to come out more when its raining.
I saw greenfinches, tree sparrows, normal sparrows, maybe a siskin, starlings. On the ground I saw a blackbird in the grass and wood pidgeon ate bits of seed underneath the seed feeder.

Breakfast: Cinnamon Grahams, Strawberry jam toast sandwich, cup o' tea.
Lunch: Breaded ham with crunchy salad sandwich, cheddar cheese with crunchy salad sandwich, banana, a big bit of chocolate cereal cake stuff, cup o' tea.
Alfie Moon snack: Angel layer cake, cup o' tea.
Dinner: Stir fried bean sprouts & veg, chicken, noodles & soy sauce. Vladimir Putin was rich fruit cake with thick custard. Coffee.

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Nearly got my comp working

Woke up at 7am. Plugged in my 500GB USB2 Drive and started to copy my pictures across to my PC.

Had a shower etc and then watched Big Cook Little cook with Ben. Ate breakfast with Ben. Went on my comp and the pics had finished copying across. I started to sort out what files I had copied across from all my other hard drives I actually need, and doing stuff like putting all the music in the same folder etc.

Luckily I didnae have to go to openair service in Burgess Hill because there wasnae enough room in the car. Apparently it stopped raining while the service was on, although it rained before and after the service while mum & pops was setting up and unsetting down.

When Clare and Brian got back they had lunch. I wasn't feeling very well so I didnae have much. Then I went to bed for a bit. After a while I went to sleep, then after I'd had a sleep I felt a bit better and got up. I was a bit hungry so I had a cup o' tea and some cake.

I went on my comp a bit more, and then went to afternoon church. There was meant to be a barbeque afterwards, but it was raining so we just had stuff cooked in the oven. The burger was nice but I didnae like the sausage much. I helped Ben make a raddish candle using some soft wax that you can mould with your hands.

After church I ate some more food and went on my comp a bit more, downloaded and installed some more programs. Watched Lost season 3 finale - pretty skilk. The flashback bit was wierd because it had Jack & Kate not on the island but talking to each other about the island and Jack was saying he wanted to go back. Jack had a beard as well. Jack also said in a flashback that the hospital could fire him if he was more drunk than his father.
So either:
1. Jack & Kate had already been to the island and new each other before they crashed there.
2. It was actually a flash forward, and Jack seeing his father on the island was real and his father gets rescued with them.
3. It was a flash forward and Jack is just delusional about his father still being alive (although no-one says his father is dead when he says about him).

After watching lost I tried stitching a pano I took at Bodiam castle a christmas pageant ago but I havnae had time to do any panos for a christmas pageant. I downloaded and installed the latest version of quicktime, but the pano wouldnae display. I downloaded devalvr viewer and luck slush that works fine.


Breakfast: Cinnamon Grahams, 2 x Strawberry jam toast sandwiches, cup o' tea.
Dinner: Cheese twist (like a cheese straw), coffee, paracetamol.
Afternoon snack: Rich fruit cake, cup o' tea.
Dinner: Burger in bun with sweet and crunchy salad and Tom Ketch, sausage in roll with sweet and crunchy salad and Tom Ketch, cup o' tea, mars ice cream, rich fruit cake.
Supper: Nice cream, A crunchy chocolate biscuit belonging to a fox, cold chocolate milk.

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Not a lot

Got up at 6.30am, although I was quite sleepy because I had been awake quite a bit of the night because it was so hot. Ate breakfast with Ben and saw a house sparrow.

Watched TV with Ben, a super mario repeat, then watched Cyberchase. I installed the BT Wifi USB adapter on Ben's PC to see if it could make his PC connect to the modem but it couldnae. Then I remembered that my PC doesnae connect to it properly under WinXP so I thought it might be a problem with the modem. I switched it off for a bit then switched it on again but it still didnae work.

I tried to install the wifi drivers for my PC in OpenSuse but it had some errors about not having permission when I tried to install them, even though I was logged in as root. I thought maybe ndiswrapper and the windows drivers might work, so I tried that but got the same error when trying to install ndiswrapper.

So I think I will give up on Linux and OSX until I get a new PC or they bring out new versions that are easier to use and compatible with my PC. For the moment I will leave OpenSUSE and Win XP installed, and then if I never need them I will get rid of them.

Since I'd decided not to use Linux I reformatted the storage partition of my HD to NTFS (It was FAT32 so that Linux and OSX would be able to read it). This took about 4 or 5 hours to format though, which was age-cheese. I didnae want to do other stuff to the hard drive while it was reformatting, so I stopped Azureus from downloading Lost, which it was downloading to a different partition.

While the partition was being formatted I tidied my room, putting some paperwork away and filling out a national trust Direct Debit form because the person who signed me up had put the wrong sort code for my bank on the form (I didnae think they'd be able to get a DD set up just using the details from my debit card). That' quite annoy-cheese really since my piece of paper that I was meant to use as a membership card until I got my proper membership card was only valid for 1 month and so has run out now. So until I get the new membership card I won't be able to visit any national trust places for free, and it'll pobasquish be a christmas pageant until they've set up the new Direct Debit, taken the money and sent me the membership card.

I hoovered my room. Went through all my new PC boxes to sort out what bits I will need to keep when we move and what bits I can throw away. I got the Yamaha DJX II Keyboard and DJX IIB boxes down from the loft and also another big box. I put lots of bubble wrap and other packing material in the big box, so when we're packing we can just get stuff from there and then throw the rest away when we're finished. I dusted off all the boxes. Then I ate lunch.

After lunch I dusted off the DJXII Keyboard, I had to use an old toothbrush to get most of the dust out of all the grooves. Then I took some photos of it and the box for use if I try to sell it on ebay. I got the DJXIIB scratch CD and put in my PC and copied the videos off it so I can use them if I try to sell that on ebay too. Then I took the teletubbies CD off the DJXIIB and replaced it with the scratch CD, then took some photos of it and the box. I tested the DJXIIB and Keyboard with both the KPA9 power adaptors as well to make sure they all worked okay and they did. Then I pack the DJXIIB and Keyboard away in their boxes.

By this time my PC was done formatting the storage partition so I beed a jimmy lad and hit someone on the ear with a chocolate bar. After that I uploaded the Yamaha videos to Youtube:


That took a million years because the original files are quite a lot of megabytes.

I connected up the main HD from my old PC and copied across all the files I need / might need. Then I had dinner and did the washing up afterwards.

Next I connected up my downloads HD from my old PC and copied that across. While the files were copying I went on the pinternet. Then I copied across my Music HD from my old PC and watched CSI: New York on channel 5 while it copied.


Breakfast: Cinnamon Grahams, cup o' tea.

Lunch: Breaded ham with crisp and crunchy salad sandwich, cheddar cheese with crisp and crunchy salad sandwich, freshly baked home-made french style bread (kind of spongy, bit like a crumpet) with Strawberry Jam (Delee), cup o' tea.

Afternoon snack: Rich fruit cake, cup o' tea.
Dinner: Shepherds pie, mixed veg, gravy, tom ketch. Pudding was totally delee Carte d'or yoghurt icecream strawberry flavoured stuff.

Friday, 25 May 2007

Bank Holiday?

I didnae know it was a bank holiday on Monday, that be skill jim-bye laddox.

Cycled to work, beed bored. Left work about 5.15pm because I had to record bank holiday answerphone messages on the answerphones. It was Alan's last day today, but there are still some reports he hasnae done yet so I expect we'll get him in again for another day or so.

Got home, helped Ben re-fill the bird feeders with seeds and peanuts. Did washing up & cleared the table off.

Daddio said I didnae have to do the notices so that's skilk 103.2. Watched Big Cook little cook with Ben while I ate my dinner. Then I watched Bobinogs and it was skill and welshified, they saw some road signs through the bobinoculars and they said what they were which was skill cos they were totally unpronouncible welsh words, but the bobinog voice actors must be welsh so they could say them dead easily. The DVD is wierd because it doesnae have Owen on it at all and also they have a dog called nob dog.

For the rest of this evening I will pobasquish be bored & go on the pinternet.

Breakfast: Cinnamon Grahams, cup o' tea.
Lunch: Ham sandwich, Cheddar cheese with sweet and crunchy salad sandwich, banana, apple, pear.
Dinner: Quite disgusting fish stuff with wired sauce under it's breadcrumb coating, potato, peas, vinegar. Pudding was a white choc chip muffin. Coffee.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

snaily trees

Hot & Sunny so cycled to work again. Did work, left at 5pm. On the weay home I saw that the farm near Muddleswood has got a few calves and some little piggies.

Got home and did washing up, cleared the table, made sandwiches for Tom Morrow. Ate my dinner while watching Big Cook Little Cook with Ben. Watched 'Mao's bloody revolution' on TV.

Tried to fix the wifi on Ben's comp - it will work on Netgear (someone else's unencrypted wifi) but not btvOYAGER, ALthough it says it connects it doesnae real-a-peelable-cheese.

Felt really sleepy due to hay fever so I went to bed about 9.30pm.


Breakfast: 2 x Raspberry jam toast sandwiches, cup o' tea

Lunch: Ham with sweet and crunchy salad sandwich, cheddar cheese with sweet and crunchy salad sandwich, 2 x apples, large satsuma, banana.

Dinner: Baked beans, potato, sausage roll. Pudding was tinned peach slices and Fox's crinkle crunch chocolate biscuit. I also had a Rocky to make sure I got one before they all got eaten.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007


Cycled to work, got there about 8.30am. Did work, answering phones, making queries on the database and telling Alan what we want in some Crystal Reports. Left work about 5.00pm.

Got home 5.55pm. Watched Story Makers while I ate dinner with Ben. Did washing up & made my sandwiches.

Installed various drivers in Vista and am now going to try to install the wireless adapter drivers in Linux. I have also been quite hayfevery.

Breakfast: 2 x Raspberry Jam toasts, cup o' tea.
Lunch: Ham sandwich, cheddar cheese with sweet and crunchy salad sandwich, Apple, 2 x Large Satsumas.
Dinner: Chicken pie, peas, carrots, potato, gravy. Pudding was swiss roll saoked with blackcurrant juice and covered in custard. Coffee.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Still no hackintosh

Got up, cycled to work as weather was okay, still quite cloudy. Did work, made quite a few queries in Enterprise MRM. At lunch I checked the insanelymac forums and had had a few replies to my thread. Left work at 5.00pm. Got home at 5.55pm, watched storymakers while eating dinner with Ben.

Did washing up & made my sandwiches. Downloaded Daemon tools (I had to boot into Vista to do this as since I installed VMWare in Windows XP the internet hasn't worked in XP). Then restrted and booted into XP. Installed Daemontools (which invloves restarting the PC again). Then started VMWare, which I found actually has an option to use an ISO as a DVD drive anyway, so I didnae even need to download Daemon tools.

I got a bit further than before, it will boot from the image but gets to loading Generic PATA drivers and then has the famous 'waiting for root device' error. I rebooted into Vista and replied to my thread at InsanelyMac forums to say this.

Sad bad rad de pad dad managed to get his PC working (yesterday it wouldn't boot if USB devices were plugged in when you switched it on) and he also managed to get his old PC (now Ben's) working by using a hard drive with Win98 on it as the boot drive rather than my WinXP hard drive. Now he wants me to get the wifi working on Ben's so I will do that next.

I think I will start installing drivers etc. for Vista now, if I can get OSX to work hopefully it shouldn't involve formatting my whole PC again anyway.

Breakfast: 2 x Strawberry jam toast sandwiches, cup o' tea
Lunch: 2 x Cheddar cheese with iceberg lettuce sandwiches, large slice of rich fruit cake.
Dinner: Pizza, salad with dressing, chips. Pudding was Carte d'or total squish nice ice cream. I also found a chocolate digestive bar in my lunch box that I forgot to eat at lunch time so I ate that. Coffee.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Cannae install OSX Jimbye

Got up, etc. It was grey and overcast and the weather forecast said heavy rain but it didnae look like it to me so I cycled to work. Got to work about 8.35am, did washing up. Answered the phones but I also got some real work done as well.

Left work at 5pm, didnae get wet and it only rained a little bit while I was work so weather forecast was accurate as usual.

Watched Storymakers while eating my dinner with Ben.

The new Power supply for Dad or Ben's PC had arrived and Dad had installed so he wanted me to help him try and setup his PC. He had moved my mobo and stuff into his old PC again, so I gave him the driver CDs and stood about for a bit while he installed them because he wanted me to stay there which was annoy-cheese because I wanted to try and install OSX on my PC. After that I started to burn the OSX DVD.

While it was buring I made my sandwiches for Tom Morrow. Then I tried to install OSX but got the same error as I did yesterday: System config file '/' not found I thought it might be because my motherboard uses a JMicron controller for IDE rather than a dedicated IDE driver so I created a copy of the OSX ISO and patched it with a JMicron patch I had already downloaded in anticipation of this problem. Burned that DVD. Rebooted and tried again - same problem.

So I connected up my HD from my old PC (which invloves disconnecting the DVD drive) and copied across VMWare that I downloaded age-cheese ago. I installed this and ran it, booted from the patched OSX DVD but still got the same error. I did some searching and apparently OSX doesnae like SATA drives. My motherboard isn't listed in the hardware compatibility list for OSX x86 10.4.8 either. So I think pobasquish I cannae install it. I have posted in a forum just in case but if this is correct then I have wasted loads of time and I will jsut go back to Vista by itself I think. I guess I should have checked the OSX hardware compatibility list before I bought the parts for my PC.

Bah pinternet just broke for ages and I didnae notice so when I pressed 'publish post' it didnae work and forgot loads of stuff I'd typed ANNOY CHEESE. At least the new autosave feature saved quite a bit.

Breakfast: 2 x Strawberry Jam toasts, cup o' tea.
Lunch: Peppered ham sandwich, cheddar cheese with iceberg lettuce sandwich, grapes
Dinner: Ham quiche (or is it flan?), peas, potato. For Vladimir Putin I had 2 x slices rich fruit cake (Chrimbo cake). Coffee.
Evening snack: Choc chip cookie, nice cream, pretzel, coffee.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Being bored & watching kids TV

Had a bit of a lie in, got up about 7.30am. I couldn't get OSX to imstall yesterday so I went on the pinternet to try and find a solution. It seems I need to either install OSX through VMware or using an external USB DVD drive (that I don't have) because my motherboard doesn't have a dedicated IDE controller. It also seems that I will have to patch the ISO so that it will recognise my motherboard's RAID controller. I am downloading the latest (I think) version of OSX x86, so when that is finished (hopefully sometime on Monday) I will see how it goes.

Went to church in the morning, had to do the chairs afterwards. After church I wanted to watch Lost S03e21 which I had downloaded. So I had to install the soundcard drivers in XP, but then Windows Media player 9 didn't sync the audio and video correctly. So I downloaded VLC Media player, but that didn't play any audio at all. So I had to reboot into Vista and install the soundcard drivers and VLC Media player in Vista, and I could watch it okay. It was quite gokos.

Partway through Lost I had dinner, then I finished watching it. After watching it I rebooted into XP to start Azureus downloading OSX again. Then I did washing up and cleared the table off. For the rest of the afternoon I watched Timothy goes to school, Come Outside, a bit of Doodle Doo, Big Cook Little cook and pobasquish some other stuff. I also went on the pinternet and watched some sparrows in the back garden.

After that I ate tea, and watched sparrows and a pigeon in the garden. Then I watched part of scrapheap challenge and storymakers - Blue cow went to a park in Croydon! I just check on pinternet and apparently big cook and little cook are the same people as the crash test dummy people what me and ben watched yesterday!! GOKOS SKILLS Ben says he thought they looked like them.

Breakfast: Strawberry Jam Toast Sandwich, cup o' tea.
Dinner: Burger in bun with Tom Ketch & Iceberg lettuce, minetsrone soup-in-a-mug. Pudding was a chocolate wafer bar and I also ate some easter egg. For a delightfully refreshing beverage I had a cup o' tea.
Tea: 3 x Cheeseo toasto o kudesai, part of a bruised banana, swiss roll, battenberg, tesco value chocolate digestive bar, cup o' tea.

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Triple boot

For the last couple of days I haven't been able to do a blog because I've been trying to get Linux working and it deleted windows when I installed it. After much trouble trying to get it to work I finally managed to get it to boot last night.

Today I have have been trying to get my PC to boot Vista, Linux and OSX. This meant formatting the hard drive and deleting eveneux again. At the moment it can boot Win XP, Vista and OpenSuse 10.2. I had to install Win XP so I could create and format partitions from there. So far I have burned an OSX DVD but it only has a few kb of files on it and won't boot so I am currently download nero again in case the program I burned the DVD with was raddish.

Breakfast: Orange Marmalade toast sandwich, cup o' tea.
Lunch: Cheedar cheese with iceberg lettuce sandwich, peppered ham sandwich, banana, couple of grapes, tesco value chocolate digestive bar, slice of battenberg.
Dinner: Toad in the hole with mustard & gravy, potato, green beans, carrots. Pudding was banana, ice cream and strawberry sauce (banana split).

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Being bored

Drove to work. It was nice & sunny but the weather forecast said it would rain later and since my bike tyre was burst I could nae be bothered to cycle. Got to work about 8am, did washing up. After doing washing up but before 9am I did some pinternet searching about the problems I am having installing (K)ubuntu. I came across OpenSuse which sounds quite gokos. I read part of the pinstallation procedure for it in my lunch break as well.

Answered phones all day and went home at 5pm. It took me age-cheese to start my car because the key didnae want to turn for some cheesun. Got about about 5.30pm.

Started to download the web based install ISO for freeSUSE. Dad suggested I try and repair the inner tube on my burst bike tyre. We had a look at it and there was a bit bit of glass that had ripped through the tyre. There wouldnae be any point to repairing the innertube since it would just get burst through the hole in the tyre so I got my other bike and put the bell and front light mount on to it. The panier bags won't go on my new bike so if I use it I'll have to wear my rucksack and get a totally sweated back, but since I get changed when I get into work this shouldnae really matter.

After this ate jin-the-pinner. Then did washing up, clearing the table and making sandwiches. Tried the OpenSUSE CD but it wouldnae work. I think it needs a wired internet connection rather than wireless. Started to download the DVD version. My Bobinogs DVD arrived so I watched a couple of episodes of that with Ben on my PC. It looked a bit pixellated.

After this went on the pinternet and listened the songs what come with Vista. For the rest of the evening I will pobasquish just go on the pinternet more and then go bed even earlier than normal since I am sleep-cheese.

Breakfast: 2 x crumpets with fake I cannae believe its butter jim lad & honey, banana, cup o' tea
Lunch: Peppered ham sandwch, cheddar cheese with iceberg lettuce sandwich, 2 x satsumas, apple.
Dinner: Chicken dippers, flavoured rice. For pudding I had 2 x crumpets with fake I cannae believe its butter jim lad and honey, slice of battenberg cake. Coffee

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

rainy bike pop

Weather looked alright this morning so I cycled to work. It rained a bit and I got wet, but not too bad. Got to work about 8.45am. Did work, answering phones. It rained all day.

Left work at 5.30pm when it had stopped raining. My back tyre got a puncture when I reached Boundary road. It started raining again when I got to the Dyke railway trail. When I got to where the dyke railway trail meets dyke road it was really foggy. When I was cycling across the golf course somehow my bike made some poo go in my shoe. I stopped to take it out and put lights on my bike.

Got home about 6.30pm. Couldn't change the bike tyre because dad's car was in the garage. Did washing up, clearing the table and making Tom Morrow's sandwiches. Ate Jin-the-Pinner while watching Lazytown with Ben.

Next I will try and install (K)ubuntu again and then if I still cannae get it to work I'll just go on the jin-the-pinternet pobasquish.

Breakfast: End of the cookie crisp, banana, cup o' tea
Lunch: 2 x Cheddar cheese with iceberg lettuce sandwiches, apple, 2 x satsumas
Dinner: Cheese and tomato pizza, chips, peas. Pudding was 5 x Cadburys chocolate fingers. I also had 2 x Deutsche biskuits and part of an easter egg and I'll pobasquish have some more chocolate or biscuits since they are nice.

Monday, 14 May 2007

Still can't install Linux

Drove to work, got there 8am. Did work, answering phones. Had to do overtime till 6pm so I could get out the Newsletter advertising packs. Got home about 6.30pm. Burned the Ubuntu Alternate AMD64 iso to a CD while I ate dinner. Tried to install it but it still won't recognise the RAID.

Did some pinternet searching and apparently you need to type in 'sudo dmraid -r' but I can't find where I'm meant to type this in. I posted on the Ubuntu forums but no-one has answered me so far.

Watched Lost, which was ulti. The bloke what recruited Juliet must be a wierd never getting old bloke. Also lots of other skill stuff.

Breakfast: Cookie crisp, cup o' tea
Lunch: Ham sandwich, cheddar cheese with Iceberg lettuce sandwich, apple, 2 x satsumas
Dinner: Chicken pie, gravy, mixed veg, potato. Pudding was trifle. Coffee.

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Reinstalling Vista

Reindeer. Ben told me to say that.

Woke up at 6.35am, but strangely I did nae hear my alarm that should have gone off at 6.30am. Went to sleep again. Got up about 8am. Silly Sara was in the shower for age-cheese so I had to wait for age-cheese. My comp shut itself down last night while it should have been downloading lost, a power saving feature was set to put it in sleep mode after 1 hr. Annoying.

While I was waiting for Shaz matazz team to finish in the shower I started Azureus again, it had hardly downloaded any more of Lost although had finished partition magic. I installed partition magic, but it did nae work. I need to partition my hard drive so that I can install Linux and OSX. Vista comes with a built in partition manager, but this would only reduce the partition with Vista on to just under 600gb - more than half the drive space, and osx can't write to an NTFS partition.

I tried installing & using a defragging program to see if this would reduce the minimum partion size vista would use and it did - but only by a gig. So I copied across all the drivers etc I'd downloaded to a CF card and started to install vista again. Then I had to go to church.

At church it was meant to be a family and parade service but there was only 1 girls brigade member there and she was the only child. I had a coffee after the service and had to vladimir putin the chairs away.

At home I carried on with the vista installation, and created 4 partions - 97.6gb (100000MB) for Vista, 34.18gb (35000MB) for Kubuntu, 34.18gb (35000MB) for OSX, the rest of the drive (756.5gb) for shared files e.g. pics and music. I formatted the large partition as well. After installing vista again I had to install all the drivers. While the drivers were installing I kept going downstairs and doing a bit of washing up, then installing the next driver, then doing some washing up etc.

After installing all the drivers I took the main hd out of my old pc and unconnected my DVDRW drive in the new PC and plugged in the old HD so that I could copy across the Kubuntu install DVD ISO that I had downloaded on my old PC. I copied across the useful files & progs folder but Kubuntu wasn't on it, it must be on my old download HD drive. I couldn't copy the games folder across because my vista partition doesn't have enough space. The partition reserved for shared files was formatted as NTFS, and Vista won't let me reformat it as FAT32. I did some searching on to pinternet and I think pobasquish the best way to do it will be to boot from the win XP CD and reformat the drive from there. Hopeful-squish that will work.

I tried booting from the XP CD but it didn't recognise any HDs. So I rebooted into Vista, did some pinternet searching and downloaded the Intel RAID driver setup disk. Wrote this to a floppy (which took a while cos first it kept saying there was an error with the floppy). Rebooted and booted from the XP CD again. Got as far as the choosing what drive to install screen, but it only saw 1 partition, so I would've had to format and install Vista again!

Ate Tea, watched story makers and Secret Santa Lazytown episode off my new DVD with Ben.

I thought maybe the Kubuntu DVD includes something to format the partitions properly so I disconnected the XP HD and connected the Downloads HD (Had to guess which HD this was but I got it right). After this I downloaded Nero 7 so I could burn the Kubuntu ISO (Couldn't get Alcohol 120% to work). I tried booting the various different options of Kubuntu off the DVD but all of them (except the command line one) made the monitor switch off. I did some pinternet searching and found something about installing nvidia drivers from the command line that maybe would work. I tried going on the command line install option, but it doesn't recognise the RAID array.

Did some more pinternet searching and found that there's an Ubuntu alternate version that maybe would work, so I am now downloading that. Lost S03e20 is also only 58.7% done at the Ben-loves-Po-ment.

Breakfast: Cookie Crisp, Jean Pierre Petit spongy thing with chocolate chips, strawberry jam toast sandwich, cup o' tea.
Dinner: Chilli con carne, rice, nachos. Pudding was trifle with tinned pear. Coffee.
Tea: Cheapo ham with Iceberg lettuce sandwich, Cheddar Cheese with Iceberg lettuce sandwich, Delee Co-Op shocolate chicken sponge cake with shocolate chicken buttercream stuff and shocolate chicken flavoured sauce and marbled shocolate chicken curls, 2 x deutsche biskuit, a bit of co-op fairtrade milk chocolate, a bit of green & blacks maya gold chocolate, cup o' tea.

Saturday, 12 May 2007

2 days in 1 Magyar Posta

Kept waking up and it was light but I couldnae be bovvered to get up so I jut rolled over & went to sleep again. After doing this quite a few times I thought I had better get up, but then my alarm went off and it was only 7am! So I got up, had a shower etc. and then ate breakfast with Ben. We sat in the back room to eat breakfast and saw quite a few birds - greenfinches, blue tits and (great or grey?) tits. So that was skill.

Watched TV - Big Cook, little cook and Harry & his bucketfull of dinosaurs.

When I was putting my new computer together the other day I put the CPU fan on the wrong way round so I had to take it off again, and messed about with thermal paste for a christmas pageant trying first to get an evenly spread smooth surface on top of the processor and then after giving up on that trying to spread it on the fan heatsink thingymibob. The thermal paste was like the annoying margarine that doesn't stick to your bread and sticks to the knife instead. Eventual-cheese I Premier manager 97'd to get a covering of thermal paste over the CPU fan bottom bit and then installed the fan, except one of the fan leg bits won't stick to the motherboard, so it's only being held in place by 3 legs. This is either a problem with the fan or the motherboard. At the moment I'm not particularly impressed with either of them.

I booted up my PC and loaded the BIOS. I checked the CPU temperature, and it was about 46°C I made some changes in the BIOS, to set it to RAID and allow 4gb RAM. I checked on Dad's PC to make a boot disc with the latest BIOS, but a floppy disc isn't big enough to be an MS-DOS boot disc and have the BIOS on it, so it's a bit stupid that the manual suggests that as a way to update the BIOS. So I just copied the BIOS onto a disc, and then in the BIOS updated to the BIOS, which meant I had to make the changes about RAM and RAID again. After this Windows started up, which I was quite surprised about, but of course I installed it before so it should work.

Then I installed some cheese. Downloaded the latest version of Azureus which comes with an interface to let you download HD trailers and stuff. Started downloading the 720p version of lost s03e20, hopefully it will-a-dill work on this PC, as my old PC was too sloooow.

Ate lunch.

After lunch me and dad took apart my old comp and his comp so that he could use my old comp except is his case and with his hard drives. It was quite a bit of work and after all that the mouse & keyboard wouldn't work in Windows (& it wouldn't boot into safe mode or any other mode) so we couldn't login to install the new motherboard drivers. Dad didn't want to do a repair on windows since it would mean he'd have to re-install all his programs, so we just took the PCs apart again and put them back how they were before. I fullstop cleaned my old PC though and got dust all over Ben's floor. Gokos one, should write that.

Erm yeah and stuff. Oh yeah, I checked that the built sound on my new pc works and it does (at least the headphone socket on the front panel does, The miguel phone did nae seem to work lad.

Ate dinner.

Installed my Audigy 2 soundcard and the drivers. It worked although I had to mess around for a bit cos I kept forgetting stuff like to plug the power into the card. I also tried to install my FireWire 800 card, but the motherboard has capacitors after all the PCI slots so that you can't fit log cards (like my firewire card) in. I wish they would just make bigger motherboards with more space so they're easier to use and I could just get a bigger case.

Then the wifi stopped working, so I tried a million different things over a million years to try and get it to work. Luck=slushily the millionth thing I tried in the millionth year worked (Uninstalling the drivers, restarting and then installing again).

Then I didn't really do ote, although I tidied Ben's room up a bit and did the washing up. Next I will vaccum the mess I made and then when Ben goes to Bed I will pobasquish move the PC into my room.

Breakfast: Cookie Crisp, cup o' tea.
Mid morning snack: Hot chocolate, nice cream, malted milk.
11 o'clock snack: Crusty Croc Crispy Chips Smokey Bacon flavoured crisps, coffee.
Lunch: Ham sandwich, Cheddar cheese with iceberg lettuce sandwich, satsuma, small slice of bakewell tart, tesco value chocolate covered digestive bar, cup o' tea.
Dinner: 2 x Sausages, baked beans, mashed potato. Pudding was a Apple & Blackberry Mr Kipling pie & a cherry Mr Kipling Pie, both together with custardio.


It was nice & sunny in the morning so I cycled to work. I stopped to take some photos of some flowers and Lambert said I would be late for work. The pictures came out pretty raddish because my FZ5's flash couldn't cover the whole of the flower when doing a close-up. Maybe I should take my SB800 to work with me everyday as well.

Got to work about 8.45am and Alan had been waiting outside for a christmas pageant. Did the washing up & made drinks for eveneux. Told Alan what we wanted for the jimmy lad report maybe? I cannae remember jim lad. Spent most of the day answering phones.

I needed to print a prospective member letter for somebody and noticed that the letter was still designed for printing on the old headed papier. So I tried to change it to print on the new headed paper, but it would nae work because if someone had a short address it would move it all up. The merge fields don't work if you put them in a text box or the page header, so I couldn't get round it that way. I tried putting them in a table with a fixed row height, but when you re-open the document it has gone back to auto-height AGGGHHHH!

So I had to stay late to make a crystal report of the prop member letter since crystal doesn't suffer from that problem. But then after loads of work the report wouldn't merge in the database, even though the preview in Crystal worked AGGGHHHH!

Then a jimmy lad jumped in my ear and kept hitting me with a chocolate bar AGGGHHHH!

Then I had to do Newsletter advertising stuff, I managed to send all the enquiries an email but didn't have time to get any packs ready to post since I had only booked overtime till 8pm. After checking all the Non Microsoft windows were shut etc. I left aboot 8.15pm. It was rainy and windy and I got home about 9.00pm since the wind was blowing me home.

Some packages had arrived for me (from CD-wow) so I told Ben to open them. He didn't think the Peter Andre & Katie Price CD was gokos, but obvasquish he thought the Big Cook Little Cook and Lazytown DVDs were skilk 103.2. The bobinogs DVD has nae arrived yet. I changed into some dry clothes and watched NCIS while I ate my dinner. I couldn't do any work on my new PC since Ben was in bed and it's in his room so I went to bed just after 10pm.

Breakfast: Cookie Crisp, banana, cup o' tea
Lunch: Cheddar cheese with iceberg lettuce sandwich, ham with iceberg lettuce sandwich, 2 x satsumas, apple
Dinner: Bit of fish portion & 2 x bits of fish portion with wierd herby stuff in them (not very nice), chips, peas, salt, vinegar, black pepper. Pudding was a slice of bakewell tart. Apple juice.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Skill stuff

It was sunny this morning (although a bit cloudy) so I cycled to work. Alan (who I thought was called Christopher) came in to work on some Crystal Reports for us so I spent a bit of time with him telling him what we wanted, he managed to get the main report that lists no. of new members, lapsing members and enquires per month done, so that was gokos. I spent most of the rest of the day answering the phones.

Cycled home at 5pm and got totally soaked going over the downs. Got home about 6pm, and my replacement motherboard had arrived. Made my sandwiches for Tom Morrow. Ate Dinner. For the rest of this evening I will:
  • Do washing up
  • Take the power supply out of this PC that I am writing this on and start putting together me new PC.
  • If I remember watch a TV program about the British Museum and also It's not easy being green.

Skill stuff I saw today:
  • A peahen outside church
  • A bloke called Lambert
  • A beige animal slightly smaller than a rabbit with a mostly black tail (pobasquish a weasel)
  • Some black rabbits in a field

Breakfast: Cookie Crisp, banana, cup o' tea
Lunch: Ham with Iceberg lettuce sandwich, Cheddar cheese with sweet and crunchy salad sandwich, 2 x satsumas, apple
Dinner: Super salty Gammon, Potato, mixed veg, gravy. Pudding was shocolate chicken sponge cake with shocolate chicken custard. Cough fee.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Brendon is skilk 103.2

It wasn't very windy this morning and the sky wasn't too grey so I was going to cycle to work, but when I went to get my bike out of the garage it was actual-cheese raining (tears from eyes) (Bitty McLean must be an ulti eyewater head!). So I walked to work instead (where walked means drove).

Got to work about 8.10am and did the washing up. There was a board meeting yesterday so there was total tons of washing up to do. Did work, mainly answering phones although also had a meeting with Suzanne and Lyra about the Newsletter that was pretty point-a-piece-of-cheese. Since I was just answering phones all day I had to stay late to do some work on the Newsletter advertising. Left work just after 7pm.

Got home about 7.40pm. There was a note from Citi Link that they had tried to deliver a parcel for me, which I guess must have been my motherboard. Luck-slush (Oh my) Daddio said he'd stay in Tom Morrow when they will try and re-deliver it.

Ate Jin-the-Pinner while going on Pigsback & Deviant Art. Made my sandwiches for Tom Morrow. Did washing up. Cleared the table. Worked on my website.

I had been manually assigning the xIDs on examples provided in the TreeView Demo pack. I decided to check whether I could make it work like it should with the auto assigned xIDs, but I couldn't. Since my website works okay with the auto assigned xIDs I decided to and assign manual xIDs on my website TreeMenu. Luckily I kept a backup of the relevant file (Content.php) before moving it to a database generated Menu and map markers. I edited this file and it worked! JIMMY HILL WHEN HE WAS A LAD!!

I found that if you click a link on the map that opens a page in one Menu folder, then a different link that opens a page in a different Menu folder. If my site grows to have lots of folders this could be quite annoying. I looked at the TreeMenu funcs demo and this had a function to close all folders so I changed the google maps onclicks to
onClick="javascript:collapseTree(1); javascript:loadSynchPage(xID)"
so it now closes all folders then opens the folder with the page you clicked on and highlights the page you clicked on.

After this I tried putting the folders at the top of the treemenu list of folders and docs, this worked okay. Then I tried giving the folders different (var? I guess) names, the Town names actual-cheese and this worked okay. This makes it easier for creating the Menu items from a database since I only have to make one database call rather than one call per town (folder).

Then I edited the database merging version of Content.php to make the appropriate changes. First it didn't work because I had somehow typed an extra ]" in the code but when I noticed it and got rid of that it all works fine, which is pretty amazing. Now I've got this all working I'm pretty impressed with TreeView's flexibility. Hopefully it will let me change the graphics in the future, although I'm content with the boring graphics for the (Lil') mo'.

It's 22.40, I'd normally be sleep-cheese by now but I think the coffee I drank while I was doing overtime must be keeping me awake. I guess that's gokos as long as I don't be sleepier than normal Tom Morrow.

Breakfast: Orangle marmalade toast sandwich, banana, cup o' tea
Lunch: Ham with sweet and crunchy salad sandwich, Cheddar cheese with sweet and crunchy salad sandwich, apple, 2 x satsumas
Dinner: Spag bol with added carrot. Pudding was a bit of bakewell tart but moohar had heated it up in the oven and some of the icing had melted and is impossi-cheese to get off the plate. Coffee.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007


I did make google maps and treemenu links work together yesterday, but because the node ids are dynamic I can't make a link in the text to just one node. I had a look on the treemenu website and it seems it is possible to manually assign xIDs to the nodes. I spent most of last night awake thinking about it which was annoy-cheese and meant I was dead sleepy this morning.

Drove to work because it was windy and looked like it was going to rain. Got there about 8.05am and amazingly there were still loads of parking spaces outside RAC. Later Catherine said that recently there have still been spaces there when she gets in (around 9am).

Before 9am I downloaded the treemenu demo pack on my work PC to try and get it working with manually assigned xIDs, but I couldn't make it work. Sally told Luke, who is temping at the moment to talk to me about my job since he might be interested in taking over my position. Had a chat with him and seems quite a good candy date - he knows HTML and has used access, sage and has also done some basic programming in flash.

At lunch I checked my email and got one this morning from tekheads saying they have received my broke mobo I sent them. I wanted to work on the treemenu thing a bit more to try and make it work but didn't have enough time because the phone kept going and when Lyra was on the phone there wasn't anyone else to pick up the extra phonecalls. I also cashed in my pigsback CD-WOW voucher and bought:

Whole New World, A

DVD Region 2
LazyTown: Surprise Santa & Other Stories

DVD Region 2
Big Cook Little Cook: Welcome To Our Cafe

DVD Region 2
Bobinogs - Sounds Sensational And Other Stories

Usually despatched within 7 days
Total Order Value
Redeemed Gift Voucher

Did more work, mainly answering the dog and bone. At 5pm I had to pick up about 5 calls from the voicemail and then call 2 of them back, so I only left work about 5.20pm. Drove home.

Got home about 5.45pm. Made my sandwiches for tomorrow. Did the washing up, and Trashic FM untuned itself so I just listened to static. Went on Deviantart, pigsback and panoguide. Ate Dan's Diner.

Edited the Treeview files again, messed around with them for quite a bit but still couldn't get it to work properly. Looked at another Tree Menu system that's free. After looking at some of the code etc. It doesn't appear to remember what link you last clicked on as well as TreeView. I think I will need to implement the LargeNodes version of TreeView. Hopefully this will work okay, although the code looks a bit more complicated that the FramelessHili version I was using before.

Breakfast: Raspberry Jam toast sandwich, cup o' tea
Lunch: Ham with Sweet and crunchy salad sandwich, Cheddar cheese with Sweet and crunchy salad sandwich, apple 2 x satsumas.
Dinner: Sausage quiche, peas, potato. Pudding was a Viennese Whirl and Ben gave me a piece of chocolate covered honeycomb.
Supper: Caramel Tea (with milk), custard cream, nice cream.

Monday, 7 May 2007

Boring Bank Holdiay Monday

Got up at 6.30am again. Ate breakfast etc. Wanted to watch CBeebies but sky was broke. The weather is raddish and cloudy and windy as well. Went on some photo websites and it started raining.

Looked at setting my site up to read from a database, but the TreeMenu system seems to allocate ids to its nodes automatically. This is okay except that I want to also generate the google maps markers and links dynamically, and they need to have the link to the same treemenu node id as the marker links to. If all the links for the treemenu were under one folder this would be okay, because you'd just need to sort both the treemenu and google map markers in the same order and then the ids would match up. But in treemenu I will have multiple folders (that's the point of it) and the folders are also assigned node ids. So say I had 2 folders with 50 links in each folder. The first 50 links will work okay. But link 51 on the google map would be assigned to the 2nd folder and every link after that would be assigned to the previous link.

What would be nice would be if the treemenu could get the node id from the database, rather than just starting at 0 and increasing the value, but I don't know how to do this. Looking at and thinking about it got too annoying so I helped Ben do some tidying of his room and tidied mine a bit and wrote this blog so far.

I also looked on ebay for long lenses, a Nikon 600 AF-S f/4 went for £1,765.00 + P&P! I think this is because it was a new seller with no feedback. They didn't look like a dodgy listing though. Hopefully when we move to Market Harborough I can be patient and get a good deal like that.

Dad suggested I remove all the passion flower plant from the Sky dish, so I did this and amazingly it fixed sky.

After being bored for a bit more we ate dinner. Then I cleared the table and did the washing up. Worked for a bit on a php / mysql tutorial, which I got working alright except the for the bit to upload information to the database. I'm not that bothered about that bit anyway since I can use PHPAdmin to update the database.

Went out for a walk cos I was bored to a cylinder.

Worked some more on PHP / MySQL, just with a blank document trying to write the same code that will need to be generated from the database for my website. Found out that on my website, the googlemap links linking to the nodes as is setup currently is making the link open in a new window as well as the same window. Played around with this for quite a while and eventually managed to Mr fix it (from Busy World of Richard Scarry).

Ate Dan's Diner.

Did some more work on PHP/MySQL and I think I have worked out how to get around the node numbering and folder problem. Mum suggested we go to Devil's Dyke cos Ben bought a kite from Tescos today he wanted to try out. The sun had come out a bit but it was also a bit cloudy and I thought if we were quick I might be able to get some nice sunset photos. So I drove mum and Ben up there and I took my photo stuff. I took a partial HDR (9 bracketed imgs) pano with my D200 & Tokina fisheye. I also tried using my cokin filter holder and filters with my Panasonic FZ5, unfortunately the Cokin Sunset filter was all smudgy and the camera kept focusing on the filter instead of the scene. I took a few shots, some with just Split ND filters but I don't think they will come out very well.

Came back home and Jon was actual-cheese on MSN!

Breakfast: 2 x Orange Marmalade toast sandwiches, cup o' tea.
Morning snack: Nice Cream Biscuit, Tesco value shortbread finger, cup o' tea
Dinner: Beef Burger in Bun with salad and tomato ketchup, Minestrone soup in a mug, a nacho in cheese sauce stuff (only had 1 cos I didn't like it). Pudding was Mandarin & Orange Jelly Flan. Cup o' tea.
Tea: Ham with sweet and crunchy salad sandwich, cheddar cheese with sweet and crunchy salad sandwich, viennese whirl, 2 x pieces of Seaford fruit cake. Cup o' tea.

Sunday, 6 May 2007


Got up at 6.30am, ate breakfast etc. Watched the end of Bits and Bobs, where some little kids played crazy golf at an indoor crazy golf place. Watched 'Its our planet!' which was about bugs and then animals with tails. Watched big cook little cook and Big cook Ben had to try and do his laces up as fast as possible and he had 3 pairs of trainers, one of which was Hi-tech!!!! Went on my comp for a bit then Ben shouted that Come Outside was on so I went to watch that but it was a repeat so we watched Peppa Pig instead and she splatted her dad's pumpkin. It would have been skilk 103.2 if her dad had got dead annoyed and belly flopped on her or just picked her up and threw her away, but he didn't. Jim lad.

Went on my comp, looking at a possible menu for my website. Went to Church. Didn't have to do the chairs afterwards since there's an evening service today. Had to get Granny after church. Went on my comp de la pomp again. Ate Dinner, did washing up & cleared the table. Went on my comp again. Did quite a bit of work editing a menu, but it's not any good as it seems the options are listed in order of number of levels, so items with no sub menus go at the top and once you produce a sub menu you can only go back up to the menu before that, not back to the root. I found another menu that does let you do that, but it doesn't save state when you refresh the page. I think now I have found a good solution, called TreeView. Only problem is that the menu items aren't that easy to edit. Messed around with this for a bit then ate tea.

Finished integrating the Treeview menu system into my website. After this I amended the Google maps links and the treeview menu to pull the same links from a php array. Then I read part of a PHP / SQL tutorial and it seems like this will be the easiest way for me to add panos to my website, meaning I will have wasted time on first building the seperate links and then the PHP array. Never mind, the SQL route might be too complicated for me anyway. I also found that I am going to need to introduce some javascript calls to the treemenu from the google maps links.

Breakfast: Orange Marmalade toast sandwich, Strawberry Jam toast sandwich, cup o' tea.
Morning snack: Tesco Value Shortbread finger, custard cream, coffee.
Dinner: Chicken & Ham Pie, Peas, Carrots, Potato, Gravy. Pudding was Mandarin & Orange Jelly Flan with Ice Cream. Coffee.
Tea: 4 x triangle shaped ¼ Ham sandwiches, 2 x things what were like sausage rolls but with hot cream stuff inside them instead of meat, packet of prawn cocktail crisps, 2 x cherry tomatoes, mandarin, pear, totally delee butterfly cake, twix finger, cup o' tea.

Saturday, 5 May 2007


Got up at 10.30am so I was too late to go and see the Children's Parade for the start of the Brighton Festival. Had a shower etc. and ate breakfast. Remembered that this song is dead gokos. How trolltimate is the old dancing bloke's hair!?!

Listened to Music and went on the pinternet then ate lunch. Watched Bits & Bobs and a little kid on it had the same 'I ♥ my bike' bike bell as I have!

Went on the pinternet some more. I was about to buy a ¼" to ⅜" adaptor off of ebay when I found out that the screw in my tripod is reversible, luckslush just before I confirmed the buy it now. Fitted my new Markins Ballhead (which has ⅜" thread) to my tripod and my nodal ninja to my small Arca-Swiss style QR plate so I can easily mount it on top of the Markins.

Listened to a Totoro song with Ben who has been ill most of this morning and ate a lollipop. Watched Lost S03e19. Read a PHP tutorial. Cooked Dinner. Watched Super Luigi RPG videos on Youtube with Ben. Ate Dinner.

Worked on my website. Managed to set it up so that the links from the Googlemap work on both the main site index page and also the indivdual pano pages. Made it so the 'you are here' bubble doesn't appear on the homepage. Made it so the pano and associated content don't appear on the homepage. When I did this I found that the page footer wasn't aligned to the bottom of the page, just 30px below the rest of the content. I think I've found a solution to this at;action=display;num=1084182243;start=19, I'll just need to have a play with it. Also last night I found out that the menu system I was looking at won't display over a pano. A Flash menu wouldn't work either since the flash interface would have to overlap part of the pano, meaning you wouldn't be able to click the pano in that region. I think I'll go for a tree based menu of the left hand side. It's 10.45 and I'm going to bed now.

Breakfast: Orange marmalade toast sandwich, Strawberry Jam toast sandwich, coffee.
Lunch: Cheese on toast, Ham with sweet and crunchy salad sandwich, satsuma, warm chelsea bun, cup o' tea.
Afternoon snack: Lollipop
Dinner: Sausages, mashed potato with cheese, baked beans. Pudding was 4 strawberries. Coffee and Ben gave me some more of his delee sweets.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Animal attraction

Cycled to work, got there about 8.30am as normal. Did work, mainly answering phones. Missed quite a bit of my lunch because Suzanne was asking me about the website and also I had to take a phonecall.

Two of the printers weren't working again so Alan Pike came in to have a look at them, one of them seems to be totally Busted though. Someone came in to see if they could write Crystal Reports for us so I spent quite a bit of the afternoon talking to them. Left work at about 5.20pm as I had to record bank holiday weekend answerphone messages.

On the way home there was this little lamb that was sleeping (or at least looked like it was) so I thought I'd take a photo of it. But when I got my camera out of my bag it got up, climbed through the electric fence and came over to me and just stood next to my leg bleating. I just stayed there and after a bit it went back to its mum and had a drink of milk.

Got home and did washing up. Ate dinner and added Lost S03e19 to Azureus to download. For the rest of this eveing I'll pobasquish go on photo websites, look at a php menu for my website and maybe do the notices.

Breakfast: 2 x Strawberry Jam toast sandwiches, cup o' tea
Lunch: 2 x Cheddar Cheese with Sweet & Crunchy salad sandwiches, 2 x Apples, y-lum-plum
Dinner: Battered fish portion with vinegar & black pepper, Potato, peas. Pudding was Yoghurt. Then I had a Twix finger and Ben also gave me some of his sweets - 3 chocolatey biscuity toffee worm things and a piece of shocolate chicken covered honeycomb. Coffee

Thursday, 3 May 2007

2 puddings

Cycled to work, did work, Suzanne bought everyone an ice cream and I got a Feast. Left work about 5.20pm. The rape fields have started to go greeny yellow now and all the blossom is gone from the trees, it's been quite windy this week. Got about 6.20pm and my Markins ballhead had arrived. Seems quite gokos, I will ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out and see wh-wh-wh-wh-what it's all about at the Jiminy Cricket Weekend. Also at the weekend I Tom Hink I might have a sleep and see the Brighton Festival Children's Parade on Saturday and see if they are doing maypole/morris men stuff in Hurstpierpoint on Monday.

After opening my Markins Ballhead I made my sandwiches, cleared the table and did the washing up. Then I ate dinner. I had to make my own custard for pudding so I made enough so I could have 2 puddings since mum said I could have a piece of swiss roll as well as the rest of the apple crumble.

Went on Deviant art and panoguide and looked some more for a menu system for my pano website. I might have found one that works but don't know since I can't get an actual pano to display in the menu demo page.

Breakfast: 2 x Strawberry Jam toasts, cup o' tea
Lunch: 2 x Cheddar cheese with sweet 'n' crunchy salad sandwiches, 2 x clementines, apple.
Dinner: Flavoured rice, chicken dippers with Tom Ketch. Pudding1: Apple Crumble with custard. Pudding 2: Swiss Roll drizzled with Blackcurrant Hi-Juice & custard.
Supper: Gingery chocolate covered biscuit, shortbread finger, cold chocolate milk drink.


Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Head Ache

Woke up feeling really sleepy, wished it was the weekend so I could sleep in. Cycled to work. Drank lots of tea as normal and got a headache. Stayed till 6 to start setting up a replacement PC for the one that broke the other day.

Came home, did washing up & made my sandwiches for Tom Morrow. He loves my sandwiches. Ate dinner & went on Deviant art, Luminous Landscape and Panoguide. Spent the rest of the evening trying to find info on writing dynamic menus in PHP.

Breakfast: Strawberry Jam toast, banana, cup o' tea.
Lunch: 2 x Cheddar cheese with Sweet & Crunchy salad sandwiches, 2 x clementines, apple.
Dinner: Cheese & Tomato Pizza, chips. Pudding was Mars Ice cream and I also ate a Twix finger & a flake. Coffee.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

customs fee

Luck slush mum said she'd take my parcel to the post office for me so I cycled to work. Spent most of the morning trying to do a Crystal Report. In the afternoon Jon from TSG came to fix the tape drive, which meant the server was down for a bit so I did some filing. After that I was mainly just answering the phone. Also Erica's PC wouldn't switch on again after she had switched it off so I had to phone PC World. They said it was probably faulty memory again and they'd get someone from customer services to arrange a replacement. They suggested getting a better quality PC that won't break.

Left work at 5pm, pobasquish should have worked overtime to get some crystal reports done really but I hadn't had time to fill in an overtime request before 5pm. When I got home my eyes started itching quite a bit. Did table clearing, washing up and sandwich making. Trashic FM won a sony award for best rad de padio station.

Got a letter from parcel force saying I need to pay VAT and a clearance fee for my Markins ball head so I paid that online. No-one will be in Tom Morrow so I said for them to Dee Liver it on the day belonging to Thor. Ate Jin the pinner and checked the last few days of Daily Deviations on Deviant art. Made sure the changes I have been making to my website at work work. I can't check at work since my PC there isn't set up as a webserver with PHP installed.

I'll pobasquish spend the rest of the even Ning going on photography websites and editing my pano website.

Breakfast: Strawberry Jam Toast, cup o' tea
Lunch: Pastrami with Iceberg lettuce sandwich, Cheddar cheese with iceberg lettuce sandwich, 2 x satsumas, an apple that had a big mouldy bit I had to cut out of it.
Dinner: 2 x Totally delee herby spicy sausages that are like proper butchers sausages, baked beans, mashed potato. Pudding was apple (charlotte I Tom Hink) with sngle cream. Coffee.