Saturday, 23 July 2011


For some of today I was looking at backtesting something by exporting M15 data from Alpari to CSV and then using forumlas in a spreadsheet, since I don't have an EA to test my idea. I also thought that you could use javascript or php to loop through the data and do a backtest that way.

I wondered which would be fastest (PHP or javascript), and it seems that javascript is generally faster than php (though the last few tests there are much better using php).

Brian, Mauser, and Bo came back from holiday as well, so I looked at Mauser's Wales photos on his TV, and also his prints of photos from his other trips that had arrived.

I went to bed for a bit part-way through the day as I had a bad headache, so that was annoying.

I started uploading some of the last day's photos from Korea to my website, and also started cutting out some pogs in Photoshop for tomorrow's pog website update. And of course, went to see K.K. Slider play a song.

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