Monday, 6 May 2013

Cooking without dog

This morning I started writing an article for my photography tips website. Then we all went out on a walk. We had a packed lunch in the car after the walk.

In the afternoon I finished putting together the Bee house, and it is very shoddily made (by me).

The rest of the afternoon, me, Mauser, and Bo made Chicken meatballs and Inarizushi. (Cooking with dog recipes).

We didn't have a lot of the ingredients, like Yam, Potato starch, Ginger root, Carrot, the proper type of seaweed and we ran out of Soy Sauce. Also the rice needed a lot more water and the wrong type of seaweed we used on it just dissolved (you are meant to remove the seaweed). The chicken meatballs got stuck to the pan when cooking them. We only had time to soak the dried mushrooms for about 45 minutes, when they were meant to soak overnight.

But despite all that, it turned out really nice. I don't actually like the seaweed rice that much, but it did taste like proper Japanese rice (Sushi rice was another thing we didn't have).

In the evening I tried to help someone with their printer that wasn't working. It was a wireless (WiFi) printer. The printer was connected to the router okay, and the laptop was connected to the router okay. The router showed that both were connected okay. But despite this, the computer could not see the printer. (It was working fine with the printer previously and the other computer had stopped being able to see the printer as well).

I tried re-setting up the WiFi connection on the printer, and various other things, but just could not get it to work.

Eventually I went on Kodak Live chat support, and their support agent took over control of the computer (with my permission). Then they asked us to switch the router off and on again in 30 seconds. So we did that, and then the computer could see the printer. I'm pretty sure they didn't make any changes on the laptop at all.

I really hadn't considered the router being the problem, since both the computer and printer could connect okay to it. But at least now I know for future reference.

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