Saturday, 10 May 2014

Quack Quack

Well, it's come to a point where I'll be off on holiday soon and so the importance of holiday related tasks has risen so much that I must deal with them now. And as I deal with them, I find it would have been much better if I'd dealt with them earlier. But of course, then something else (that at the time seemed more important) wouldn't have got done.

To give an example, I need some more socks. On eBay you can buy packs of Slazenger coolmax socks fairly cheaply, which look they are also reasonable quality. However, I can't buy them as they ship from Korea, and so would likely arrive too late. So instead I'm stuck buying more expensive socks that probably aren't as good, but are sent from the UK.

Another example, the rear thread on my DIY M42 lensbaby adapter is not tall / deep enough to screw into my DIY M42 mount adapter. So I need to purchase a M39-M42 adapter. They only cost 99p from China, but since I need it quickly I had to buy from a UK seller for £4.

I discovered the first casualty of my new Windows installation today - I've lost all my Google Earth places. Oh well, thankfully I had only put quite a bit of work into it, not loads.

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