Monday, 30 June 2014

Yes or no?

I spent quite a bit of today making some Melonpans. Unfortunately I overestimated how long they'd take to rise (I made them using wholemeal flour, so I thought they'd need longer than normal), and when I checked on them they had risen too much and 'popped' (deflated to be wide and flat). Still, they tasted quite nice when baked.

I also spent quite a bit of time working on one of my wordpress plugins and writing a blog post for my photo tips website.

With regards to my photo tips website, I was checking the G+ page for it and found that Google have introduced a stats page. However, the stats page shows that I had 663 new followers in the past month. This definitely is not correct, unless a load of people also unfollowed me. The stats show a big spike on one day, so maybe a load of spam accounts followed me on that day in the hope I'd follow them back, and then subsequently unfollowed me?

Whether the stats are wrong, or are correct but don't show unfollows, they seem to be pretty useless. Manually noting the number of followers and then seeing how it goes up or down still seems to be the only option for the moment.

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