Friday, 5 September 2014

Still Buggin'

Today I was doing some more website testing. Weirdly I managed to come across two IE bugs I've never noticed before. One was that IE6 doesn't support multiple CSS class selectors, e.g. if you have <span class="something green" /> then the CSS selector doesn't work properly.

The other issue was with IE8, which will shrink PNG images to 0px wheb they have a max-width of 100% applied. The solution to this is quite simple - just add width: auto; to your img ruleset.

An issue I had with Android (but not in Safari 5.0, despite them both using the same Webkit engine) was that overflow-x: hidden wasn't being respected properly. The page looked fine on load, but when you scrolled down if you scrolled off the right side slightly you'd find the page extended to the right (just full of whitespace). This is because I was hiding the site's sidebar off the right edge of the page. So I had to rewrite how I was hiding the sidebar.

Annoyingly it still has some hidden whitespace off the edge of the page in Android 2.3.3 and I also have other issues with the site in that browser. However, without debugging tools finding the issue could be very problematic, so I'm just going to ignore those issues for the moment. You can still read the site's content in that browser anyway, which is the main thing.

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