Sunday, 2 November 2014

Spyro Gyra got played on "HFM through the night" (no DJ)

Today I was still trying to get my Vagrant box set up. I'm getting closer, but still not quite there yet. I think if I've learned one thing from this process, it's that I really ought to be using VPS hosting so I don't have to compile everything from source. It would make installing, and just as importantly, keeping everything up to date, so much easier.

I also had another issue with Vagrant / VirtualBox, which is that as well as not being able to create symlinks in a shared folder, it can't read them either. Quite annoying, as I was thinking that creating the symlinks from windows might have been a solution in some instances.

I was quite happy with myself today as I managed to start writing an article in the afternoon, and had it ready to publish by 9pm. As usual finding and inserting the pics took a lot longer than the actual writing process, but I was able to find relevant pics a lot faster than I usually can.

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