Friday, 3 April 2015

eBay watched items clear-out

Time to clear out my eBay watched list and make note of anything of minor interest.

  • A Canon 8-15mm fisheye sold for £500 from an Italian seller, positive feedback was left so seems genuine. (Lens was new, typically sells 2nd hand for around £600).
  • Paramo Green Halcon Traveller Jacket Size Medium sold for £68.50 + £3.45 P&P. (Sells for £130 new).
  • Adobe CREATIVE SUITE 5.5 Production Premium - Windows sold for £230.36 + £6 P&P. Appears to be a genuine product, but listing stated that serials had probably already been used and the computers had been destroyed (i.e. no way to deactivate those copies). They also stated no return, so whoever bought that took a big risk.
  • Hitech 100 Reverse Grad ND0.9 Filter. Brand New sold for £30.99 + £2 P&P. Retails for £95.00 + £8 P&P new.
  • Samyang 14mm T3.1 CineLens for Canon EF sold for £144.99 + £5 P&P, but the seller never sent the item. (Usually £200-260).
  • Canon EF AF USM 200mm f/1.8 with no AF or MF and a "fairly minor scratch" on the front element sold for £775. I guess that's a good deal if the buyer could get it fixed, otherwise a rip-off.
  • Canon EF 135mm f/2.8 Prime Lens Soft Focus with hazing on one of the internal elements that results in reduced contrast sold for £63. (Normally £100+). Seems quite a lot for a lens in such a condition to me.
  • Damaged Canon EF 500mm f/4 L IS USM Lens - Spares Repairs sold for £895.99. Description was:
    CONDITION: For Parts / Repairs Only - Condition as pictured. Lens has suffered impact and liquid damage (fell onto some rocks & then into the sea). The lens glass is cracked and there is visible liquid droplets inside the lens. The housing has some chips and dents present and the lens mount is cracked / damaged (had an extender on which has snapped off when the lens was dropped and is also damaged). We have not tested the lens with a camera but considering the circumstances / condition it is most likely completely non-functional and will have internal faults and damage etc present.
    Photos showed the front element was completely smashed, though I believe the front element on this lens is actually just there for protection. So possibly you could have removed that and got back a functional lens. But given how badly smashed it was, and the information about sea water damage, I doubt it. Seems like a very high amount to pay for a lens in such bad condition to me.
  • A Sodern CERCO 94mm UV-VIS-NIR ???? was not sold for 250 USD + 33 USD P&P, but then sold later for 50 USD (same P&P). Possibly a good deal? Lens has no aperture and no guarantee that it is the UV-VIS-NIR model. Also, the images made it look like there was a black hole or disc in the middle of the lens. I'm not quite sure what that was, but it wasn't mentioned.
  • Samyang 14 mm f/2.8 UMC Aspherical IF ED Lens Nikon sold for £167.99 + £8.90 P&P. A good deal as normally sells for around £200-250.

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