Sunday, 24 January 2016

Making a folder name end in a dot

I had a problem today when I tried copying some files from my Linux VM to my Windows host OS today. The problem was that one of the folders ended in a dot / period, and my backup software (Beyond Compare) couldn't create this directory. Looking into it, I found that apparently Windows / Windows Explorer doesn't support directory names ending in dots, but the underlying file system (NTFS) and Windows API do.

I managed to find the solution here: Making an folder end with a dot. Basically you need to specify the full path, and precede it with \\?\, e.g. mkdir "\\?\C:\path\to\dir.". After doing this, Beyond Compare could copy the files across to the folder with no problems.

However, weirdly the folder shows up in Windows Explorer, and is not hidden / inaccessible, unlike what all posts on the web seem to indicate. Also, a folder without the dot on the end of the name has been created. Both folders are identical, and I guess one is actually a link to the other.

Looking at the 8.3 directory names, the folder without the dot on the end, has a .C tagged onto the end of its 8.3 name (so it is 10 chars long rather than 8). It is definitely listed as a dir rather than as a file though.

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