Friday, 4 March 2016

Elephant dream

This morning I had a dream that there was an Elephant on Welland Park road, and I think I was trying to wash its ear. I was around the same height as it though, maybe I was standing on top of a car or something. I'm not even sure it was actually an Elephant at this point either, it may have been a giant wood pigeon.

Anyway, the Elephant walked down the street and then turned left at the mini roundabout to go up Farndon road. As it started going up the road, I saw that the skin just under the backs of the knees on its rear legs was ripped. It was as if the elephant's skin was just an outer covering over its pink body, and the skin covering had been torn in this location.

There was a bloke walking the other way down the road, and he said the elephant had its trunk cut off. While the elephant actually had a trunk in my dream, it was also true at the same time that its trunk had been cut off. It must have been a quantum trunk.

I explained that it was from a circus (the point being that as it was from a circus, it had been badly abused). When I looked at it again all the skin had been ripped around its bum and you could see its pink buttocks through the hanging flaps of torn skin.

Then the bloke started riding the elephant. Suddenly we were on top of a cliff on the coast, and the elephant was running really fast towards the edge of the cliff. There was a single storey hotel (or similar) building that blocked my view as the elephant was heading over the edge of the cliff. So I ran into the hotel and went into the room at the far end of the building so I could look out of the window and see what happened.

I could see that the elephant had landed in the sea. I think it was still alive and swimming out into the ocean, but I can't quite remember. Near the shore there was a person coming out of the sea while holding another person in their arms. The person they were holding had either been killed or badly injured when the elephant jumped off the cliff into the sea.

Then the bloke who had been riding the elephant ran into the room with me to look out the window and see what was happening below. He had managed to jump off the elephant just as it jumped off the cliff. Then he had ran round the hotel and down the corridor into the room where I was really fast. But in the dream it wasn't weird how quickly he'd got there, or that you needed to look out the window in this hotel room to see what was happening over the cliff edge.

Then we ran away, back down the corridor and out the front of the hotel or whatever building it was. (It didn't have a reception area, but there were rooms along the corridor like in a hotel and the room we'd been in was like a hotel room). In my dream (and also now), I thought it was weird that you could just go into this building and go into an unlocked room.

Then I was feeling like I was partly responsible for the injury or death of the person who I had seen being carried out of the sea. And I wanted to get away in case anyone found out I had anything to do with the elephant, which could lead to me being arrested in connection with the incident.

That was the end of the dream.

BTW I don't actually think that all circus animals are badly abused, that was just dream logic.

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