Monday, 23 May 2016

eBay watchlist cleaning

It's time to clear out my eBay Watched Items list again, and make notes on any items I found that sold for high or low amounts.

sold for GBP 2730, which seems very cheap for this lens. Despite the auction finishing on 22nd March, no feedback for the seller has been left, so you can't be sure if the buyer did actually get the item in good condition for that amount.
Carl Zeiss Softar III 67mm screw fitting
sold for GBP 5.79 - not super cheap, but screw mount versions of these filters are quite rare - they tend to be Hasselblad bayonet mount.
W.Acall Kyoei 1:3.5 F=35mm UV-Objektiv f. Exakta
Didn't sell several times, often finishing around the EUR 20 mark or less. I don't know what the reserve was, but they had a EUR 150 buy it now.
Canon 400mm f2.8 L Lens EF mount (AF non IS) Pro Prime +BN= 1.4x Extender MK II
was listed with a BIN of GBP 1430 inc. P&P. However, the listing was ended by the seller because the item was lost or broken. I suspect they sold it to someone off eBay for a slightly lower price to avoid the eBay fees. Although this is the non-IS version, it seems a very good price to me, particularly with the TC.
Canon EF 600mm F/4.0 L Lens
ended for GBP 1,191 + 60 P&P, however it didn't meet the reserve price. It would've been very cheap otherwise. The body was a bit bashed up, but paint chips don't harm the lens' performance.
Ananda Shankar And His Music LP Rare Orig EMI HMV India Pressing 1976
Ended for GBP 19 inc. P&P, which is very cheap. This was one of those ones that I actually wanted to bid on, but had forgotten to force refresh my ebay watch list, so by the time I went to bid on it (near ending time), the auction had actually already ended.
Canon Lens EF 135 mm F2.8 Softfocus
sold for GBP 62.50 inc. P&P. Possibly a bargain, however the description does state the AF is UNTESTED and Optics do have some signs of dust and possibly a small amount of fungus although it is very difficult to see. The buyer left positive feedback though. (This item normally goes for around GBP 130).
Tiffen Standard Hot Mirror Filter 77mm
Sold for GBP 40 inc. P&P. This is a good price. I'm glad I didn't purchase it myself though, as on further research it seems to have the same problem on wide-angle lenses as my B+W 486 UV-IR cut filter has.
rayxar e50/075 made in holland
sold for GBP 20 + 12 P&P. This included not only the lens, but a large (and heavy looking) piece of equipment the lens was mounted in. Difficult to say what condition the lens was in, but looked okay. I would quite like one of these lenses, however from images I've seen taken with them, I don't think they are actually that great.
Sigma 800mm f/5.6 EX DG HSM APO Ultra Telephoto Lens for Nikon SIGMONSTER
sold for GBP 876 inc. P&P. I don't think these are listed often, I suspect this is probably the going price, neither cheap nor expensive.
Télé-objectif Canon FD 600mm f4.5
sold for EUR 371 + 100 P&P (to UK). Again, these don't seem to sell that often so I'm not sure if it's a good deal. Manual focus only, but I think this lens is meant to be pretty good.
Canon EF 400mm F2.8 Mk 1 lens
sold for GBP 860 + 40 P&P. Seems a good deal to me.
Wimberley Plamp
sold for GBP 40.56 + 10 P&P. The new model is 'only' GBP 45 new, so seems really expensive to me.
Very nice Petri Film Camera complete with Petri 1:3.5 f=35mm C.C Lens & Strap.
sold for GBP 27.15 + 2.85 P&P. This is quite a bit more than the other seller's Petri 1:3.5 lens didn't sell for. (Though of course this one includes a camera too).

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