Thursday, 18 August 2011

Sculpey painting is très difficile

Today I was writing another photo tips article. But unfortunately it was raining (which makes a change as we haven't had any proper rain for ages), and I needed a sunny day to take some photos to illustrate my article. I couldn't find any suitable CC licensed photos on flickr, so I will have to wait for a sunny day.

In the afternoon I did some more sculpey painting with L, though I forgot to paint the eyebrows. Doing the painting is even more tricky than doing the sculpting, and I did get a few bits of paint on the models where they shouldn't be.

The top row is capitalists - Adam Smith, Fred Goodwin, Donald Rumsfeld, Maggie Thatcher, and Ronald McDonald
The bottom two are Chairman Mao and Lenin (Lenin's head is leaning backwards so it looks a bit weird in the photo)

In the evening I watched Moomins with Mauser and Bo and re-filled the bird feeder. We get loads of sparrows visiting the garden at the moment. The main feeder with the seed they like best only has 4 holes in it though, so they squabble quite a bit. Since a lot of the time the sparrows aren't in the garden it would make much more sense if they visited the feeder in groups of 4 on a rotational basis throughout the day rather than all trying to use it at the same time. Silly birds.

A joke:
Q. What did the person say when his duck eggs he was going to eat for breakfast started to hatch so he wanted to get rid of them?
A. Scram billed eggs! (Scrambled eggs) (the ducks' bills were poking through the egg shells)

I wrote this blog post and tagged the photos in Picasa web album. I helped Lad take some photos of his Kirby sculpeys and background.

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