Saturday, 25 August 2012

Looking for Soviet constructions

Today I finally managed to get my Ubuntu VM to update. For quite a while the update manager has failed with an error message about possible unmet dependencies.

Hovering the mouse over the broken update icon (a big red circle with an exclamation mark in the top toolbar), it said to use apt-get in the terminal to get more information. After trying a few different apt-get commands, I found the problem was with the flash plugin for firefox.

I didn't record the exact error message, but it was something like (from bug report here):

firefox: Breaks: adobe-flashplugin (<= but is to be installed.

When looking for fixes online, I found one that said about adding a partner repository. Looking up how to do this, I found these instructions: How do I enable the “partner” repository? I went to the Ubuntu button as those instructions said, but I didn't have a 'Software sources' option. I did have 'Ubuntu Software Center" though, so I clicked on that.

In the left pane of the Ubuntu Software Center, there was an option for 'Installed packages'. I clicked this, and on the right pane it loaded up the list of installed packages. The first two were Adobe Flash nonfree (or something similar) and Adobe Flash 10 version 11 (or something similar). I uninstalled the first one, then tried uninstalling the second one.

The second one didn't uninstall, but part-way through the Ubuntu Update window popped up. So it must have been the first flash plugin entry that was causing the problem. I started the Ubuntu upgrade, and then did a backup of my important files from the VM when the 'start upgrade' screen came up, before clicking the 'start upgrade' button.

Most of the day, then, was spent waiting to Ubuntu to update. While I was waiting, I tried to find some of the locations of buildings in the Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed (CCCP) book. Although the book gives the names of (most) of the buildings, their architects and construction dates, and their general locations (city or municipality name), I still found this very difficult.

One of the places I couldn't find at all. The name and location did match a building, but not the one that was photographed. I couldn't see any similar looking buildings nearby either. The names of the architects turned up nothing as well.

In the afternoon I also made a cake.

In the evening I watched an episode of Kamen Rider Black with Billy. I went out to take a pano of Welland park. And I did some more work on my ebay wordpress plugin.

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