Thursday, 30 August 2012

Pano processing and UV flash testing

Today I finished processing the pano I was working on most of yesterday, and also processed another pano.

Topaz Labs sent me an email to say their promotional discount on Topaz PhotoFX Lab ends tonight, so I gave it another try on an image. But I didn't really see any benefit of using Photo FX Lab, so I won't bother buying it.

I also received my Vivitar 283 flash and focusing helical, so I tried them out. Strangely the Vivitar 283 didn't seem to do anything when I fitted it with Alkaline batteries, which is what it says it requires on the battery holder. My old Sunpak 383 flash only works with alkaline batteries, so I thought the Vivitar might be the same.

Since the flash didn't work at all with the alkaline batteries (didn't make any high pitched sound or anything when turned on), I tried a set of rechargeable NiMH batteries. And thankfully the flash did work with these. So I then proceeded to dismantle it and remove the fresnel lens.

I took some test shots using the flash, but it required a full power flash, and ISO800 on the camera for a decent UV flash. I'm not sure if this is what should be expected (I wasn't expecting it), so I need to look that up.

Anyway, here is the UV flash exposure at ISO800 vs. a full spectrum no flash at ISO100. I changed the colours on the UV one.

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