Sunday, 7 July 2013

Keyword stuffing is good?

Well, I haven't done a blog post for a while, just been too busy to think of it, plus had a broken computer for a couple of weeks.

Anyway, something came up today that I thought I'd vent my spleen on here. I was writing an article about SEO, and as part of this, I wrote about why you shouldn't overuse keywords, commonly known as keyword stuffing. However, I then looked at the website of Sal Cincotta, a famous Wedding & Portrait photographer. On the website homepage there are a few paragraphs of text in small type below the footer, obviously designed just for search engines, and stuffed full of the keywords 'St Louis Wedding Photographer'.

So I googled 'St Louis Wedding Photographer' and his site comes up top. There is even a page on his site titled 'st louis wedding photographer', and it reads even worse than one of those useless articles SEO companies post on behalf of their clients to article directories. Absolutely stuffed full of the key phrase.

I thought that Google disliked keyword stuffing. I searched, and found this article: Google Webmaster Tools Help: Keyword stuffing. That explains what keyword stuffing is, but doesn't say whether Google approves of it or not. Judging by the search results, it seems like they do!

I bought an SSD today because my Ubuntu VM often seems to be really slow, particularly when losding. And I am pretty sure it is the HD speed that is the problem since you can hear the HD clicking away at a furious pace. I am hoping that by moving the VM file to the SSD and telling Windows to use the SSD as a scratch disk it will greatly speed it up.

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