Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Wii U finally arrives

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Today I received an email from Fotomoto to say that they had been bought out by Bay Photo (the US based printer they partnered with for selling prints in the US). The email indicated that they had had some problems lately, so I wondered what these were (I no longer use Fotomoto myself).

I found some info here: Fotomoto, We're Breaking Up. Basically, Fotomoto were bought out a while back by a company called liveBooks. This company then recently was bought out, but the Fotomoto part was not. When this happened Fotomoto continued to take orders (money) from customers but would not ship any prints, and the Fotomoto administration was flakey for people trying to check on prints ordered through their sites using Fotomoto.

Now Fotomoto has been purchased by Bay Photo, it should be getting back to it's former working self. Not that I think it's former working self was that great anyway for non-US based photographers, though.

I bought a Wii U on eBay about 3 weeks ago. But after 2 weeks, it still hadn't arrived. On eBay I opened a 'dispute' that I hadn't received the item yet on 26th July. This gave the seller until 3rd August to respond. They didn't respond, but I did receive the Wii U today.

In the item listing it was described as Previously Played like new NINTENDO Wii U CONSOLE 32GB DELUXE PACK BLACK. But when I opened the package there was no box or instructions. The gamepad had greasy smudges on it and the power block for the gamepad / gamepad charger had a dirty mark on it like a drop of spilt coffee or something. However, they had also included a number of extra games.

I had bought Super Mario Bros Wii U from a different eBay seller after I won the Wii U auction. So that had arrived quite a while ago. But Super Mario Bros Wii U was also one of the games that had been included with the Wii U. So now I have two copies of it. Doh! I'll have to sell one copy plus the other extra games included (they are ones I'm not interested in, mostly cheap rubbish).

Billy set up the Wii U and transferred the data over from the Wii, which all took ages. (The Wii can't read discs, which is the main reason for buying a Wii U). In the afternoon we played on Super Mario Bros Wii U for a while.

The past week or so I have been trying to set up a justified menu html / css / javascript example. Hopefully I am nearly done now. Just a few last bugs in IE7 to work out.

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