Thursday, 22 August 2013


Recently I read this article about photographers that plagarized other's work: What we can all learn from the recent events of Jb Sallee, Jasmine Star and Doug Gordon. Apparently they are all famous photographers, Wedding photographers I suspect, as I'd never heard of them.

That article linked to this blog, which I found interesting: The BUSTED! Log, which describes itself:

To all the dedicated photographers who thought they could get away with shaming their clients...

To every professional who forgot how small our world is since we all got connected via the Internet...

To each passionate artist who forgot to think before they typed...

Way to go! You're now BUSTED!!!

And another link the article contained was to Photo Stealers. This blog I found very interesting. Previously I had heard of one fauxtographer, using other people's photos and passing them off as their own work. But this blog currently has 5 pages, with multiple fauxtographers called out on each page. I find it amazing that so many people would try to pass off other people's work as their own. Surely anyone that hires the fauxtographer will notice the difference when they get their photos back, and then demand a refund as the quality does not match that of their other work.

If the fauxtographer is capable of achieving the same results as the stolen / stock photos they used, then why wouldn't they just post their own work in the first place. And some of them make up fake stories about the photos they supposedly took. Very weird!

Photo Stealers also has a facebook page where they point out even more than are listed on their tumblr.

I read an interesting article about Tumblr and photos that go 'viral' on it: Remembrance of Things Never Known: Examining the Inner Workings of Tumblr. To sum up the article, vintage style photos of things that things that most of the users (teenagers according to the article) have not experienced seem most likely to go viral. But the main takeaway point from the article (at least for me) was that even if your photo does go viral on tumblr, it is unlikely to actually have any benefit for you.

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