Thursday, 8 August 2013


Most of today I was trying to clear some space on my Ubuntu Virtual Machine. I had copies of logs on there from the web server, so I thought it would be sensible to remove these from the VM and just store the copies on my PC filesystem instead. But there were two problems with this that made it take all day.

The first was that I had zipped up a lot of the logs and deleted the plain text files in the VM. But what I didn't realise, is that I had forgotten to then delete these logs from the Web Server. So when I tried to sync the logs stored locally with the logs on the web server, there were loads of old logs on the server that were missing locally. And so these old logs were downloading.

After discovering this, I unzipped all the old logs, so only the new logs would be downloaded from the server. But the process was still extremely slow due to a slow internet connection today.

I am pretty sure I have all the logs from the web server successfully copied on my PC now. I will just need to do a check tomorrow, and then I can delete them from the server. I've already deleted the copies from my VM, freeing up a lot of space.

I also went on a walk with McRad, Clare, and Lil' L to Husband's Bosworth. We had a leaflet that tells you about all the interesting buildings there.

And I watched a documentary about the President's photographer. It was quite interesting. It makes the president's life come across quite similar to the Queen, meeting people, going to events etc, and not making any real decisions. The president has a large staff and there appeared to a massive amount of work that went into each event he had to attend. Very expensive, and making the president seem like figurehead that people can look to, and want to see.

On eBay I have been looking to purchase a lens baby for a while, but they always seem to be too expensive for me. One of the auctions the seller linked to a video they shot with a lens baby. I watched the video and do think it is pretty creative (though down to the photographer rather than the lens baby): Sea Sick.

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