Thursday, 13 March 2014

Cutting out images

Most of today I was preparing my weekly pog website update. When I was putting the washing out in the garden (first time this year) I saw a Brimstone butterfly and a smallish black bumblebee.

Yesterday I was digging out and re-claying the pond, today the water was still quite cloudy, but I did see a couple of frogs. (We fished most of the animals out of the pond before draining it, then added them back in after refilling it yesterday).

My Fuji X-M1 camera arrived today, though I didn't send the free lens form off yet as my X-A1 camera has been dispatched now according to Amazon. So hopefully that will arrive tomorrow and I can send both free lens claim forms off together in a single envelope.

On eBay I was considerably outbid for a Lensbaby Composer (which looks to include the standard double glass optic). It ended up going for £68.50, even though the listing gave no details of what mount it was for, and ending at 4:30pm, when you wouldn't of thought many people would be using eBay.

In the evening I did a little bit of website work.

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