Sunday, 2 March 2014

Spleening my vent

When writing yesterday's blog, I forgot about something that happened. My computer screen started getting random pixel 'noise' all over the screen that was constantly changing.

After researching it, it sounded like it was probably the Graphics card. I decided to try installing the latest drivers, but when I got to the driver download page on the Nvidia website, it said I had to click an 'agree and download' button to download the drivers. Only problem was, this button was not there. I tried different browsers, but they were all the same. Eventually I managed to fix it by altering the URL from to Bit of a farce though.

Thankfully after cleaning my computer (I didn't take it apart but did spend about an hour or more with a duster and bulb blower) and updating the drivers I haven't had the same issue.

Today I updated my pog website, went to Church, then made some naan breads.

In the afternoon I watched some Youtube videos with Billy, sorted some photos, and commented on various photos.

In the evening I listed some more stuff on eBay.

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