Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Insulting a daisy (Diss aster)

This morning I was updating the CTH website, then for quite a bit of the rest of the day I was working on my photo website.

I had an annoying problem with my PC where it suddenly 'lost' the drive that my Ubuntu VM is located on. I restarted, but the drive wasn't loading during the POST. So I shut down and fiddled some wires, but then I got a message about the drive not being bootable, and Windows wouldn't start.

So I fiddled the wires a bit more, started the PC up again, and went into the BIOS setup. During POST the 1st drive wasn't loading now. I checked the drive priority settings, and modified these so I could choose my Windows drive as the boot drive. I fiddled the wires a bit more, saved the settings, and thankfully it restarted with all drives detected and booted from the Windows drive successfully.

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