Saturday, 19 July 2014

Stormy and sunny

Today I spent quite a bit of time working on the church 'mag'. I also watched some more of Art Wolfe's Creative Live seminar, which was mostly just 3 episodes of his 'Travels to the Edge' TV series. The seminar didn't really teach anything new, but it was still full of good advice / reminders. The main points he made were:

  • Don't put your horizon line in the centre of the image - include more of whatever is most interesting (sky or foreground).
  • Get closer to (interesting) foreground elements to help make them more of a real part of the image and anchor the image / create depth.
  • Make the interesting thing in the frame larger, don't include elements that either don't add to or distract from the subject
  • Choose unusual angles - he likes shooting down on subjects a lot
  • Work the scene - start at a wide angle, then go in closer to something in the scene, he often ends up with something that is just an abstraction
  • Not mentioned in the bits of the seminar that I listened to, but in the TV series I noted that he nearly always uses a tripod (slows you down, makes you think more, keeps the camera steady)

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