Sunday, 27 September 2015

Random rubbish

I received an email from 7dayshop today advertising an LED headlight with 43% off and a camera shoulder bag with 40% off. I'm interested in the headlight as I'll very likely need to do some walking in the dark / dim light when on holiday soon. I do already have an LED headlight, but if this one was quite a bit brighter (the ad made a point of how bright it was), then it could be worth getting. The light was advertised as being 160 lumens bright, the question was, what is the lumen rating of my current headlight?

I couldn't any info where the product image exactly matched my headlamp, but the nearest I found was this one, which gives the rating as 140 lumen. Assuming the DX and 7dayshop lumen ratings are both accurate, then there wouldn't be much point me spending more money for a slightly brighter headlamp with no zoom control.

The camera bag I'm also interested in. A shoulder bag makes it quite easy to switch lenses. On the other hand, it makes it more difficult getting onto small bus seats when you're also wearing a backpack. I do have a shoulder bag, but it's in pretty bad condition. I found some reviews of the 7dayshop bag, Amazon being the best resource. The reviews all seem to be positive.

However, there are plenty of other similar bags with lots of good reviews, e.g. Bestek BTDB01. That particular bag is £2 more than the 7dayshop bag (£26 vs £24), but sold as being waterproof. Of course, it may be that the 7dayshop bag is just as waterproof, but also includes a rain cover for heavier shower protection. I prefer the sizing of the Bestek bag too (not as tall but slightly longer). From the reviews on the Bestek bag, it seems like £26 is the standard selling price, rather than 7dayshop's 'special' price for their bag. So there's no 'urgency' in getting a bag. (Unless I want it in time for my holiday).

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