Thursday, 3 September 2015

Stan Dingup

This morning I was cutting out pog images in Photoshop. Then for about half an hour before lunch, and most of the rest of the afternoon, I was cutting up plums. We now have no room left in freezer, and there's still lots of plums left on the tree. We have two 2 litre ice creams tubs, two other tubs, and one small (0.5 litre I guess) tub filled with plums in the freezer now. (I was stood at the sink while cutting the plums up, hence the title of this post).

Cutting them up wasn't that quick as the stones didn't come away from the flesh and had to be cut out. I also cut out red bits that were presumably where a little wasp grub had been. Almost every plum had at least one of these, usually just below the stone, though some above the stone. Others had multiple red bits, and some were all dirty inside (presumably a different grub that eats and defecates inside the plum much more).

In the evening I watched The Incredible Hulk with Billy. Yesterday we watched Hulk, on HD-DVD as we don't have the green-ray version :(.

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