Friday, 6 September 2013

Angry Aardvarks Advancing Along An Arrow

This morning I had a bad headache so I went back to bed after having some ibuprofen. Later in the morning my headache wasn't so bad so I got up, but it had wasted a couple of hours of my day.

onOne had sent me an email announcing their Photo Suite 8, so I thought I should update the ad for their software on my photo tips website. The ads they had on their affiliate area were just box shots, so I had to do a bit of work copying some text from their email and styling it slightly to make an ad that wasn't just a box shot with no other info.

I started getting ready to update my website with the new watermarked images. This involved changing various css and javascript files that added borders to the images. (The watermark includes an integrated border in the image whereas previously a border was added round the plain images using CSS). The files need minifying, version numbers need updating, and any references to my local (testing) domain need updating to the live domain before uploading. And of course it needs testing before and after going live.

An issue I found was that the site navigation on the map page was showing up underneath the map navigation, rather than above it. So I spent a long time trying to fix this until I eventually worked out the problem (a change in the maps API).

For part of the afternoon I made a cake.

In the evening I prepared my pog website update for Sunday.

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