Wednesday, 11 September 2013


This morning one of my backup drives filled up. So I had to do some file re-arranging to split the folder that was being backed up to that drive, so part of that folder could be backed up to a different drive instead. This took quite a while, since I had to backup the part I split off to a different drive that had more space on it.

After that I tried debugging my photo website on my Nexus 7 tablet. The buttons to license an image weren't showing up on the tablet, so I wanted to find out why. The first issue was modifying the hosts file on the tablet so I could access my local dev copy of my website. ES File Explorer would let me edit the hosts file, but wouldn't let me save it.

After some googling I found some instructions, but they didn't make sense. Eventually I found that you need to hold the tablet in landscape orientation for the ES File Explorer Settings options to be available. Then you need to go to Tools and choose to enable root explorer. Then you need to do a long press on the root explorer option to bring up more options and enable r/w on / and /system. (Though hosts is in /etc, it still wouldn't let me save it when I only enabled r/w on /).

Setting up Chrome on Android debugging was very easy, just install an extension for Desktop Chrome and connect the tablet to PC via USB. The extension then lets you open a Chrome Developer tools window for any tab open in Chrome on the tablet.

With this set up, I found that the buttons were actually showing up on my dev site, so there was no problem to debug. I checked the live site and they were showing up on that as well now. I did make some changes on the live site recently, so I must have inadvertently fixed whatever the problem was.

Most of the day I spent writing descriptions for some photos.

In the afternoon there was a white butterfly in the garden. I thought it would be good to try and get a UV photo of it since it wasn't moving (it was quite cool). But then it started raining. I tried getting an umbrella set up for a bit, but couldn't make it work, and gave up.

In the evening I was uploading some pics to Wikipedia. But the uploader wizard wouldn't save the images after adding the descriptions, categories, etc. for them all. So I had to add them all again one by one. I also opened a bug report for the issue, which obviously took some time as well.

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