Monday, 2 September 2013


Today I was mostly waiting while my computer processed my website photos to add a 'watermarked' border to them. I did make a few mistakes with the script to begin with, but it seems to be working fine now. It does take a long time for the processing to run though. By the end of the day I should have 1500 photos processed.

Due to the free space on my VM, I am only processing 500 images a time, rather than just running it and then waiting for all images to be processed.

While I was waiting I read some photography magazines on issuu. I also took some photos to try an illustrate one of my photography articles.

One thing that one of the articles in a magazine that I read said, was that pixiq had closed down. I didn't really visit pixiq much, but was aware of it. I didn't know it had shut down. Apparently the site was shut down without much notice, and no reason given for its closure. It was made up of articles from a variety of contributors, and many contributors lost their work they'd written for pixiq because of the sudden closure.

Another thing I was alerted to was a device called the Flash Bender. This looks very useful (though quite expensive given what it is). You can buy cheap knock-offs of the bender on eBay, but not the diffusion panel attachment that turns the bender into a mini softbox. Possibly I might try one of the cheap knock offs anyway.

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