Sunday, 3 November 2013

Co. Ding

This morning I updated my pog website and went to Church.

I spent quite a bit of the afternoon playing on Animal Crossing New Leaf.

In the evening I looked into a Wordpress issue someone was having.

I also tried to fix a problem I was having with XMP File Info panel. When hierarchical keywords were converted into standard keywords, if the keyword was already present as the start of another keyword, then it wouldn't be added.

I looked at my code for the panel, and I was using keywords.indexOf(keyword), where keywords is an array of keywords, not a string. According to the Adobe docs, this uses a strict equality check. So I shouldn't be seeing this behaviour. I added some debugging to my code, and then ran a few tests.

This actually took quite a while since I couldn't remember how to build the panel or where the panel needed to be placed to be available in Bridge.

When I ran the tests, the panel worked properly. So I can only think that I had previously used some different code that didn't use Array.indexOf, and had then modified my code to use Array.indexOf but hadn't actually updated the compiled version of the panel.

A couple of random things.

I had an email from Canon advertising their Project 1709 cloud image hosting service. When I clicked on the link, I received a page saying that the service was down for maintenance. That makes it look good!

The actual article about why you should use the service is here: Secure cloud storage: 7 promises Project1709 makes (and keeps). To be honest, all of those reasons are pretty weak. They may put it above facebook and Imageshack, but the vast majority of image hosting services targeted at photographers will support those points, and have other functionality that Project 1709 is missing.

From the start I've never understood why Canon developed Project 1709. What does it do that existing services don't? They still haven't answered this question.

Another thing was I noticed an eBay auction for a complete collection of Aafes, NAAFI, EFI, Startex, The Blue and Supreme Pogs from 2001 to 2013. The auction ended at £1,220.00 plus £10 for P&P. Who ever knew people would pay so much for pogs?

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