Sunday, 17 November 2013

Illing again

Lately I've been doing more work on my wordpress plugin, but hit a couple of snags. So I've decided to take a break from that for a bit and read Sitepoint's Wordpress Anthology. A lot of my time writing the plugin is spent trying to find out how to do something. So I'm hoping that by reading up on Wordpress now, it will save me time in the future. Of course, there's no guarantee that the book will cover anything I didn't already know / couldn't find out easily though.

So far I've read the first couple of chapters, which are just very basic. I haven't really learnt anything useful, though I did learn that wordpress has a links section (similar to pages and posts). I can't say I'd ever really noticed it before. Probably because it's not useful to me.

I've also had a bad cold the last few days. It is very annoying because the weather on Friday was very nice and the trees are very nice and autumnal. But I couldn't go out because I was feeling too ill (had a bad headache) with my cold. (Plus I probably would have to have taken a roll of tissues and bin bag with me for my snotty nose).

A couple of things I've been watching on eBay I might as well mention here. A pair of (very slightly used) Mammut T Aenergy Mens GTX Walking Boots sold for £93.50 + £7.99 P&P. Yet a quick Google search shows them for sale new from for £112.00 with free postage. About a tenner more, but I'd rather pay that for a new pair.

Another item was a lens titled 'Lens Cerco 1,5/9cm ????'. The only part of the description relating to the actual lens (the rest was about shipping and VAT) was:

Dimensions 86x68x41mm Lens not iris Glass .No fungus,separation,haze minimal scratches .

Now the lens looks like those pictured in the header image on this page of Cerco's website: DEFENCE OPTRONICS. Around the centre of the lens barrel it has a large cog. I don't know what mount it has, possibly M42? I did bid for the lens, but not much since I don't know anything about the lens, e.g. if it can be used with a camera. I ended up getting outbid by a couple of dollars and it sold for $35.25 + $33 P&P (plus VAT if the buyer was in the EU). So someone possibly got a very good deal.

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