Saturday, 2 November 2013

Male monarch of chefs

This morning I prepared my pog website update and photo tips website article for tomorrow.

In the afternoon I made some Breakfast Cookies and Pumpkin Cake. (Carrot cake but with pumpkin instead of carrot. I also used plums instead of raisins.)

In the evening I watched an episode of Power Rangers Zeo with Billy. Tommy and whatever the yellow ranger's name is get struck with a spell that makes it so they have to sing instead of speaking. Extremely maniacal.

After that we watched 'The Little Convict', a Yoram Gross (of Blinky Bill TV series fame) film starring Rolf Harris. The film blends live action and animation. It's not a really good film, but it was pretty decent. I gave it 7/10.

For the rest of the evening I made the topping for the cake and also listened to K.K. performing.

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