Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Little ledges attached to instruments designed for writing with ink must be pencils

Today I was mainly reading about G+. Unfortunately quite a bit of the information was out date. One interesting thing was an interview with a photographer, who said that they posted a photo to G+ three times a day. This seemed pretty crazy to me, I struggle to make one post a week, I have (lots) more stuff to do than just constantly go on G+.

So I checked this photographer's G+ profile, and it seems that nowadays they only post once every couple of weeks or so. Well, that makes me feel better that you don't need to be a maniac poster.

Another thing I did today was finally linking my youtube account up to G+. It's pretty annoying, because the only options are to change your Youtube name to your G+ name or one of your existing pages, or create a new page for your youtube channel. I didn't want to do any of those. Since there is no choice, I went with creating a new page for the channel. But it's annoying as now the youtube channel page shows up in my list of G+ pages, even though it has nothing to do with G+.

I also found another G+ comment related issue with Youtube. On a video with lots of comments, if you click to show all comments, it will just show the latest ones. At the bottom of the list you can click show more, and it will load more comments. After repeating this several time, the show more button refuses to show up, so it is impossible to view old comments on a video with lots of comments. And even if they do fix that issue, it would still be extremely annoying to have to click a show more link hundreds of times.

Really what Google should have done is to first get the G+ comment system up and working properly. They would also need to modify the G+ backend to allow for invisible pages, and for a profile link to go to / be redirected to a youtube channel page. Then they could have just switched all users over to the G+ backend automatically, without anyone having the need to create a G+ profile.

Those that did want to use a G+ profile could switch over to a real G+ profile, while those that didn't want to would use their invisible G+ profile without even realising that the G+ backend was running the comment system. It would've avoided a whole lot of issues, not to mention all the backlash from annoyed users.

Also on a youtube related note, after upgrading my account to G+ page, I got this incredibly helpful error message. It just gives so much information about what went wrong that its as if they'd accidentally put the site in debug mode.

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