Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Most of today I was writing and preparing an article for my photo tips website. In the afternoon I also went out to photograph the local horses as we had a period of sun and cloud. (Lately it has been raining a lot).

I had quite a few tabs open in my browser, so I decided it was time to go through them. One of them was a song called 'Flying over Tokyo' by Magnetic Man. Tom Lathom had played it on the dubstep show the other day on HFM, and I thought it was a good song. I checked the song previews for the Album on Amazon, and most of the other songs I didn't think were that good. But the album was only about £1.70 on eBay, so I thought I might as well buy it just for the one song.

Then, I remembered that Razihel is a good dubstep artist. So I searched for him and found he had done some new songs, which I listened to. He had a video from one of his gigs on youtube. It looked like all that happens at his gigs is he jumps up and down a bit while playing his tracks on a laptop. I don't get why you'd go to a gig if you can just hear the same thing at home.

Some of the comments on Razihel's YouTube videos mentioned Pegboard Nerds, so I looked them up, and they are pretty similar to Razihel. I also found out that the genre of music is apparently referred to as 'Glitch-hop' or 'Glitch-pop'.

The other day on eBay I was watching a Nikon 500mm lens. After the auction had ended, another seller started a listing with the same description and same product photos. Obviously a scam, though unusually the description didn't include the usual 'You must email me on scammer@scam.com before bidding. Buy it Now is £1500.' that you find on these fraudulent listings.

I did use eBay's Report Item link to report the new listing as fraudulent. But eBay didn't remove the listing. The item ended selling for £3,113.00, so lets hope the bidders didn't get scammed.

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