Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A king head

I woke up with a bad headache this morning, so spent most of the morning in bed (taking paracaetamol / ibuprofen a couple of times).

In the afternoon I recovered a bit from the headache, but I had to wait in for a delivery, just so I could refuse it. (I ordered a new jacket from Sports Direct, plus a cheap shirt since I had to pay the postage costs for the jacket anyway. But then they cancelled the Jacket and just sent the shirt. When I emailed them to cancel the order, they said I should refuse the delivery, then they'll refund me when the item arrives back with them.)

When that was done, I went out to test some new IR filters I received recently. Unfortunately I didn't get to fully test them as a cloud rolled in front of the sun. Typical, as it had been sunny all the rest of the day.

After I had packed up my camera I found that actually I could have just waited for the cloud to pass. Although the sun was very low in the sky, it stayed above the horizon for quite a while after emerging from behind the cloud. Never mind, I did try out a different softening filter after the sun came out again.

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