Friday, 12 December 2014


Yesterday I was still working on the article for my photo tips website, recording some videos for it and inserting all the images, then proof-redaing it when it was finished.

I had some trouble recording the videos as at first my microphone seemed not to be working. Then I realised that actually no sound at all was working. I had to reinstall the drivers for my sound card. I'm not sure why they didn't work the first time. Possibly they did work then windows update installed some not working ones. Any way, at least it is working now.

This morning I prepared my pog website update and watched a couple of photography business related videos.

Most of the afternoon was spent checking my emails. I also updated the resizing embedded youtube videos javascript I worked on the other day. The issue was that I was firing it on the window's resize event, with no throttling. Now I've throttled it, so it will only run once every 250ms while window is resized.

In the evening I listed to Wilhelm Challenger and did some sculpey with Billy. (Well Billy actually did painting). I was working on a frog that I'll do for HAH. Making the colours took quite a long time. Then I needed to make the model. And after that I had to make another one and take photos of the process for the instruction leaflet.

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