Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Not Blogging

I think I ought to start blogging more often again. I often wonder where my time has disappeared to, and if I record what I've been doing in my blog, then at least I'll know.

Monday this week I was fixing some website stuff.

Yesterday (Tuesday) in the morning I went down town to post an ebay item (my old broken sandisk ssd) and try to get a christmas present for Mauser. In the afternoon and evening I prepared Mauser's present package, researched the postage costs, purchased and filled out all the related postage stuff, and started work on an article for my photo tips website.

The vast majority of today I was working on the article I started yesterday. In the morning I went out to try and get some photos to work on for it. I had to install Photoshop Elements trial, which took ages to download and then quite a long time to install.

In the afternoon I also made some Japanese Scotch Eggs. But I cooked the egg a bit too much so the yolk wasn't gooey, and I didn't actually like the flavour of the meat much either.

In the evening I watched an episode of Power Rangers with Billy and played a few online Mario Kart races. Then the rest of the evening was spent working on my article. I'll have to try and finish it off tomorrow.

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