Saturday, 4 December 2010

Pano fixing

This morning I had a meeting with the people about the 'In the picture' photography, then the rest of the morning and most of the rest of the day I was working on some panos I took recently.

I managed to process the panos yesterday, and today I was just adding the descriptions etc. and uploading them to the website. I only had 4, so I didn't think it would take very long.

Unfortunately I kept finding things wrong with them so I'd have to open them and fix them, save them, and then re-save the various different versions (full size TIFF, full size JPEG, sharpened sRGB TIFF, 640px sRGB JPEG, 316px sRGB JPEG, 2000px cube faces, 640px cube faces).

One of the problems I found was due to the High pass LCE being different at each edge of the image (so it created a seam when wrapping 360°). This is something I've never noticed before, but it wouldn't be that surprising if it is a problem in all my existing panos, just that I somehow hadn't noticed it.

In the afternoon I also played on Wii Sports Golf with Mauser and Bo, and in the evening I watched an episode of DS9 with them.

Later in the evening we went to see K.K. as well.

I also watched a Canon 600mm f/4 IS lens go for £2,651.00 on ebay. Very cheap for this lens, but I'd rather save my money for things I'd get more use from.

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