Thursday, 30 December 2010

Pano processing

This morning I was uploading the two Korea panos I processed a few days ago. On one I noticed that a keyword was messed up due to the way my custom XMP panel automatically adds keywords from the hierarchical keyword.

So I thought I might as well fix my XMP panel. What should have been a quick fix actually took me quite a long time. The problem was that in my function I had a variable like
var t:Array;

Then further down in my code I was populating this array like
t = taxon.split("(");

I needed to change this so that it would only split the string at the last bracket, so instead of using split, I changed my code to:
pos = taxon.lastIndexOf("(");
t[0] = taxon.substr(0, pos);
t[1] = taxon.substr(pos+1);

But this didn't work, and I got an error message instead. I spent ages trying to find out what the problem, and eventually found that just because I had declared the variable t to be of type Array, this doesn't actually initialise an array. So I had to initialise the variable like
var t:Array = [];

And now my code worked.
Maybe obvious if you normally work with strictly typed languages, but I am used to the loose typing of javascript and php.

Before uploading one of the panos, I found a problem with it. Then I found a few other problems, so I spent quite a while fixing it. I was also unsure as to what the white balance should be like. After checking the internet, I found that most people seem to prefer using Daylight white balance for night images, thus giving them a warm (and in my opinion, natural) feel.

My photo had been taken using cloudy white balance, so I cooled the colour temperature down slightly.

After getting the panos uploaded I started processing one of the other Korea panos.

After lunch I updated my wordpress installations as the latest version fixes a serious vulnerability. (They even sent out an email urging users to update!) My multiuser blog and another standard installation upgraded automatically okay. But my photosite one took quite a while to update as I have to hack the core code to get it to work.

I processed another pano, then it was dinner time. I think with these panos I must spend about as much time trying to figure out exactly where the pano was taken as I do with the actual processing!

Goes to show how important it is to sync your GPS and camera clock and make sure you have your GPS with you and switched on. Would have saved me a lot of time!

After dinner I watched an episode of Star Trek TOS with Mauser and Bo. It was quite unusual because it didn't feature any scenes of Shatner with his top off. Also, Spock had a good chance of throwing Uhura into her chair, but he pushed her back into her chair very gently. We thought it must be because he hasn't had much practice at throwing Uhura into her chair in recent episodes, and so has forgotten how to do it properly.

The rest of the evening I processed another pano and also played on Mario Kart Wii with Sarah, Mark, and Bo for a bit.

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