Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Various stuff

This morning I was copying the full size photos from my hosting account with WebFaction to my hosting account with Host Gator.

While it copied across I sorted and processed some old MT-24EX diffusion test photos, mostly of flea beetles.

When the copy was finished I checked and the file size was different between my folder and the folder on Host Gator.

I spent a while trying to check where the difference might be. In the end, I did
ls -al ~/path/to/folder > contents.txt

On both the webfaction and Host Gator servers.

Then I had to strip out the info that was different like the permissions (not sure why though), date created, owner user, and owner group. I did this by just pasting the text into calc, which then makes the text into columns so you can easily delete the columns you don't want.

Probably you can easily run
to only select the exact columns you want, but stripping them out through calc isn't much trouble.

Then I pasted the two columns I wanted (filename and filesize) for each host in separate text files. I then did a compare using KomodoEdit, but it didn't find any difference. So I guess that actually all the files did copy okay.

My hex / allen key set arrived from Amazon, so I spent most of the afternoon trying to adjust the autofocus on my D200.

Using the 1.5mm allen key I was able to adjust the autofocus, something I had found too tricky with our existing allen keys that had much shorter 'handles'.

After quite a few adjustments I found what seems to be an okay setting. The exact focus point chosen by the autofocus seems to vary from shot to shot (assuming you move the focus between shots, forcing the camera to refocus), and also from lens to lens.

I haven't taken any 'real life' shots using autofocus with the camera since adjusting it yet though.

In the evening I watched an episode of Star Trek DS9 with Mauser and Bo, then did a Japanese lesson with Mauser.

After that I did more photo processing / sorting. I also received some more stuff from Amazon, so I sorted it out and put it all in a 'Christmas presents' box.

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