Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Finding photos for an article

This morning I wrote an article for my photo tips website, then spent the rest of the morning, and quite a bit of the afternoon, trying to find CC licensed photos on Flickr to illustrate the article. Some subjects can be quite difficult to find relevant photos for.

For the rest of the afternoon and part of the evening I made a cake. In the evening I also watched Gogol 13, a Sonny China film, with Mauser.

I bought a Canon 5D Mk II camera today as well. It was £1165 including postage. Originally I wanted to buy one for £1000, but they always seem to go for more than that. I don't think £1165 is a bargain, but nor is it really expensive. Generally they seem to sell for between £1050-£1250 depending on condition, included accessories, and ebay bid frenziness (actually I think one sold for more than £1300, which you can buy new ones on ebay from DigitalRev for).

The one I bought has a 3rd party battery grip (but only 1 battery) and an EG-S focusing screen included, with about 16,000 shutter actuations, and some scratches on the camera body. So now I just need to buy another battery, shutter release cable, Nikon G adapter, and lenses. Hmm...

I need to try and research the Nikon G adapters as there are some on ebay for £30-45, but the Novoflex / 16-9 adapter is getting on for £200. So I need to see if the ebay adapters are actually any good, or just a waste of money.

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