Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Writing and walking and photoing

This morning and the first part of the afternoon I was writing an article for my photo website. I actually had the article written by 10.20am, then the rest of the time was spent trying to find relevant images to illustrate it.

The Nikon G to Canon EF mount adapter I had bought on ebay arrived today. I had some trouble getting it on my lenses as it is a very tight fit. At first I thought it didn't fit at all. I also had to remove the rubber gasket from my 70-300mm lens for the adapter to fit, and found instructions on how to this on the 16-9.net website. (Actually it's quite easy - you just pull it up with your fingers).

Then I went out on a walk with the 5D MkII and 70-300 lens to test it.

In the evening I watched an episode of 24 with Mauser and Bo as per standard procedure. I checked my emails and geocoded todays photos and the photos from a week or so ago when I first got the 5D MkII.

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