Saturday, 15 December 2012


This morning I was still checking the stats of my sites, looking for errors. I found some quite bad (but non-obvious) errors on one site using Bing Webmaster tools.

One error was that I had left some debug code in one page, so that if the URL wasn't correct, it would print debug info instead of redirecting to the correct URL. The other error was that if you visited the site without www. you would be redirected to www. with the query string appended twice. e.g. visit, you'd be redirected to

I found this was due to how nginx handles rewrites, and my use of the $request_uri variable in the rewrite: rewrite with $request_uri auto appends args.

For quite a bit of the afternoon I did some sculpey / painting. In the evening I did some more, and got all the old Halloween models out from the garage. They were rather cold and on many of them bits of plasticine had broken off. Hopefully by tomorrow they will have warmed up a bit and I can fix them up.

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