Friday, 14 December 2012

Website error fixing

This morning I was doing more website error fixing. Looking at the server logs I found I had several 499 errors for pages. The errors seemed to be pretty random though. Doing some more research, I found this article: Why does Nginx return 499 errors? That article explains that the code just means the client terminated the connection before the response was complete.

So that got me wondering whether the modification I made the other day to wp_cron to prevent 499 errors was actually necessary. If the client terminates the connection early, but PHP continues processing the request, then the response goes into the ether, that is okay. But if PHP stops processing the request when the connection is terminated, then that would be bad (as it would mean that wordpress cron jobs would never be completed). I posted a question on the wordpress forums asking about this.

In the evening I did some more Christmas video sculpey, just painting St. Nick's crown and a bit of his and Uncle Sam's faces. Painting the crown took most of the evening.

I have now finished going through awstats and my server logs, so tomorrow I need to check Google and Bing Webmaster Tools to see if there are any problems with my sites showing up on there.

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