Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Lagging behind

Today I managed to write an article, woohoo! Of course, really I should have written 3 articles today to make up for only doing 1 yesterday. (2 articles a day over 5 days will make the 10 articles I am aiming to write this week). Still, 1 article is better than none.

I also had a $5 Zinio credit, but I found it quite hard to choose a magazine to spend it against. One of the magazines I considered was a special edition of Amateur Photographer called Advanced Photography Skills. Sounds great for me.

But then you read the features on the front cover. When it includes things like Using Layers and Shooting RAW, you have to really ask yourself, does it actually cover any advanced photography skills, or just basics? Maybe it does cover a few advanced techniques, but you wouldn't think so from what the front cover mentions.

There were actually quite a few magazines like this, promising advanced technical tips etc. but only mentioning basic tips on the cover. One even boasted that it featured something like 12 pages on RAW. Really? I can't really see how they can cover 12 pages of advanced techniques on RAW, my guess is that they just cover the different adjustments you can make in LR / ACR, and maybe opening as a smart object in PS.

Anyway, I bought one of these mags, it was only 20p. It did say on the cover something about street photography tips, so that might have something new in it I don't know.

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