Sunday, 17 February 2013

Why does everything take so long?

The past week I was hoping to get the Christmas video finished and do some work on a couple of my websites, amongst other things. I didn't do any blogging (thinking particularly of my photo tips blog that I normally try to write 3 articles for weekly, but I didn't do any blogging on any of my blogs) so that I could get these tasks done.

But it is now the end of the week and I haven't even managed to finish the Christmas video, let alone the website tasks. Typical. Main problem was, as usual, people constantly falling over, heads falling off, hands falling off, etc.

I also had to make a new model for the end since it was meant to have the boy getting a present, but I'd killed the boy off. So I needed a new child model. I used the armature of the dead boy, painted his shoes black, and gave him new plasticine clothes, and a new head. The head (and clothes) I tried to make look like Ivan from Ivan's childhood.

I think through the coming week I am going to try putting off doing my photo tips blog posts again, and concentrate on finishing the tasks I wanted to complete this week.

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