Thursday, 17 October 2013

Doing various little tasks

Well, yesterday I was saying how I had found a good deal on Complete Korean on But then this morning I had an email from them to say that my order had been cancelled as the seller didn't have it in stock. Oh well. I ordered it from eBay for £20.

Most of today I spent preparing my weekly pog website update and photo tips article. The photo tips article was already written and had links to quite a few images to use to illustrate it. So it was mostly just a case of inserting the HTML code for the images, getting the CC proof etc rather than having to write a whole article from scratch.

In the afternoon I also went in the garden for a bit to try and take some photos. While there were quite a few honeybees about they were too lively to get any good photos. I am still feeling quite ill with my cold as well, so not working at optimum speed.

In the afternoon Billy showed me this video, which is really good:

I don't think the video is actually very representative of what using the internet was like back in 1997. They completely miss out the 30 second - 1 minute wait while pages loaded. And don't mention anything about not being able to use the phone while the internet is on. (Unless they were using a dedicated ISDN line - possible, but a very expensive way of getting on the internet back then).

They didn't visit the Space Jam website as part of their surfing activities. :(

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