Wednesday, 16 October 2013

I be illing

Today I was still feeling quite ill, and didn't get much done.

I received this email from Wex advertising Nikon cameras with cashback. I don't think they did a very good job at differentiating the models though. Both the D7100 and D5200 are billed with exactly the same features, despite there being a large price difference between the two models.

In the evening I was trying to do some Korean learning using the Magnetic Memory method, but it is very difficult as I am trying to it using Pimsleur's, which doesn't have a text of the words. I found this tumblr with the relevant texts from the Pimsleur lessons, but I am not sure it is correct. For example, they have "At your place" as "선생님 집에서요". And it certainly does sound like that in the Pimsleur lesson. But Google translate and Bing translate both translate "선생님" to "Teacher". Just searching the web for "선생님", it seems it is used to mean "Teacher" as well.

So I decided that I would see if there was a teach yourself Korean book. (teach yourself... is a brand used for a variety of language learning books). The situation was rather confusing as there seemed to be multiple versions of the books, and for each version there were versions with CDs and versions without. On Amazon reviews of the complete package, which came with a CD, were complaining that the book needed audio to go with it, and you had to purchase the CDs separately. I.e. the reviews seemed to be for the book rather than the book and CD package. The cheapest I could find the package was £30 via a seller on

But then after that I found that seemingly the same package was also for sale cheaper under a different ISBN. The more expensive one was ISBN 9781444101942, while the cheaper package was ISBN 9780071737579. As far as I can see there is no difference between the two, and they both seem to have been published in 2010. Amazon also had a pre-release version listed for £25, but this wasn't due out until May 2014. ISBN 9780071737579 was available for about £20 on eBay and Abe Books. Then I managed to find one on albris for around £15 including postage from the US. So I managed to cut the price down quite a bit through my researching (Amazon wanted £34.19 for the package under ISBN 9781444101942).

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